How To Have A Productive Morning

Get ready to rise, shine and get on that grind with these ways to have a productive morning...

Alarm goes off.

Are you a self motivated bunny who springs out of bed ready to conquer the world outside of your bedroom? Or did your eyeballs just roll at the thought? I know what you are thinking, we have all heard about how important our mornings are but there’s no excuse to emphasise the fact that they do indeed dictate to how your attitude is throughout your day.

How else do you think your day is going to go ahead if you wake up feeling next to nothing, lazy, unmotivated unwilling to tackle tasks you need to do to in order to become the babe that you truly are.

Of course we all have our days of feeling just that but I’m telling you now that it’s no time like the present to get up and off that gorgeous butt of yours, it’s time to rise, shine and get on that grind girl.

I’m your alarm clock right now, so here’s how to have a productive morning!



The night before make sure you have a bottle or a huge glass of water waiting for you so that upon wakening the first thing you are going to do is replenish your body with some H20. Imagine your body as a plant, after hours of resting and not being watered, as soon as you drink you will literally feel the cells in your body come alive. Putting the kettle on and pouring yourself a herbal tea or a lemon and hot water afterwards also helps too!

Use your phone 

Some people may argue and say that not looking at their phone helps them get up easier in the morning and more proactively, however for me after I have drunk my water and washed my face, going through my phone and answering text messages and emails first thing helps me keep my morning focus. I wouldn’t suggest checking social media handles as much because, as we all know, 5 mins of thumb scrolling can easily turn into 20.. then 40 mins.. yada yada! Know that you have to message that person about something? Do it! Straight away in the morning, get it over and done with and then you won’t have to forget to do so later on during the day.

Active your affirmation

It is going to feel anything but normal and at first you will probably think it sounds false but positive thinking out loud, saying things like ‘I am going to have a productive day’ will help spread your positivity to yourself and increase your motions of actually getting stuff done. If saying one of those particular things to yourself out loud doesn’t work, then come up with something that doesn’t cringe you inside out – however I’ll tell you now once you give it a go you’ll soon succumb to love it.

Get outdoors

If the weather is nice then fit in a quick walk or open the windows, take a few moments to soak in the fresh air and just breathe. I want you to think about two things; number 1 being your productiveness, so go through what you need to do this week and how you are going to tackle them in every kind of way and number 2 simply think about how fortunate you are as an individual to even have the opportunity to start fresh and conquer your days with a passion to do so.

Find motivation through somebody else

Wherever it’s listening to a podcast or ringing a friend, seeking motivation through somebody else is a habit that will become only natural to you once you actively respond to it. A morning routine that leads to productivity is a work in progress, it doesn’t just happen over night, but with consistency it will allow you to create focus on implementing a positive outlook into your own life.

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