Working Out In Snake Print

Are you a sucker for animal prints? Well you are in luck, find out my tips for working out in snake print here

I know that animal prints are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. It’s daring, bold and I used to think that only the brave could pull it off BUT working out in snake print might just be the essential you need for a wild workout!

I am wearing these marble textured snake print leggings from Varley, I got them a year ago and unfortunately (don’t hate me) I have a feeling that they are no longer available. However, Varley are well known for their stylish animal prints so it’s worth having a look for their other designs like Wilcox Dark Moon Snake, Oat White Snake and Palms Desert Snake – yes they look just as dramatic as they sound!

Say no more, I know most of you must be thinking ‘How much for a pair of leggings?!’ However, in my defence (clears throat) the moment I tried the gorgeous print I surprisingly fell in love, especially with the mesh paneling behind the lower leg and it’s quality is so worth buying into. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway…

If you are like me and new to working out in animal print or if you are looking to add a touch of wild fever to your gym wardrobe, styling snake print is a lot easier than you would think. The obvious solution, like anything, is opting for monotones because what doesn’t go well with your blacks, whites and greys? However, pastels and light baby colours create a feminine twist to your overall look. I went for a lilac t-shirt that I got from Primark for £1.50! Yes £1.50, cheap as chips! I think I will be back to grab some pastel greens and blues to mix the look up a little.

Overall.. Here’s my top tips for working out in snake print

Stick to one item of clothing that rocks snake print.

Top and bottom might look too heavy, especially if you are a animal print newbie it might be best experimenting with a cute snake print bra or crop top first. However, if you are strutting the full snake print look top and leggings then own it girl, takes some mighty confidence and if you love it then don’t let anyone tell you different.

Match it with pastels. 

Hit up beautiful Primark and get yourself a collection of pastel tops to match your snake print leggings, the contrast of the two will light up your look, giving you that boost of sassy-ness to feeling extra confident wearing the animal print.

Start with the minimum

If you are coming to an end reading this yet still not convinced that you CAN totally workout in snake print then I challenge you to kick start your animal kingdom going 50/50. What I mean by this is finding workout gear that incorporate a little snake print detail, for example check out these adorable numbers from New Look and In The Style.


Let me know what you think, tag me in your animal print photos/purchases and hopefully you’ll love to workout in snake print just as much as I do…




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