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5 Ways To Feel More Body Confident

Struggling with body confidence? Here's my 5 ways to feel more body confident...

Body confidence. It is real and you can certainly have it. If you are struggling with body confidence then I am here to help you with my 5 ways to feel more body confident.

I am very passionate about building body confidence as it is something that affects almost everyone during their life. I could easily write an essay on the topic but without sending you to sleep I have come up with these five tips that I believe everyone can do.


5 Ways To Feel More Body Confident


Speak up

First things first, if ever you are feeling down about your body one of the best things to do is to simply tell someone. Have a phone call with a person that cares about you and explain how you are feeling.

Keeping your friends and family in the loop with how you are feeling will make a difference to your self esteem. The amount of times I have rung my best friends almost in tears about the way I look in an outfit, telling them I am not going out with them unless I have legs like Cameron Diaz or a smaller waist! Sometimes I would laugh it off with them, cry a bit more, change my clothes 10 times, or get told that if I moaned once more about the way I look then I would have to down my drink and tell those insecurities to f**k off. That’s what friends are for!

What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to tell the whole world about your low body confidence but by telling at least one person will defeat bottling your negative thoughts up about yourself.


Treat yourself to new gym wear and work out

If you look good you are going to feel good right? So get yourself a way to do both. Treat yourself to some new gym wear that fit your style and most importantly make you feel comfortable whilst exercising. If you are someone who feels self conscious about the stomach area then there’s no point in working out wearing just a sports bra or a tight tank top.

Sure you can wear whatever you want, I am not hear to tell you what you should/n’t wear but you will find your workouts more enjoyable if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. The better your workout, the better the results and the better you’ll feel about yourself!

Check out my Forever21 Activewear Haul for gym wear inspo.


Refresh your Instagram

We are ALL guilty of following social media accounts that can knock our self esteem. Having a feed that is manifested of images that we individually perceive as ‘beautiful’ can cause us to compare ourselves, our body, to others online.

Sometimes it can motivate and inspire you but if it’s knocking your body confidence then a tip is to go through your Instagram and start unfollowing accounts that don’t give you positive vibes. There’ so many others who are expressing their body confidence in a way that will make you feel better about yourself.

Get following these beauties now if you aren’t already Ashley Graham, Amanda Bucci, Arianna Dantone.



Eat more veggies

Vegetables are not only great for the body but for the soul too. Did you know that including more veggies into your diet can help to improve your mood? Increase your veggie consumption to your meals or perhaps whisk them up in a deliciously nutritious smoothie!



Find yourself a notepad and pen, start jotting down your emotions, read it back and it might be upsetting to do so at first but if you stay consistent you might notice how your mood fluctuates different days.

Analyse how you are feeling, were there any triggers as to why your body confidence felt low, does it time well with your menstrual cycle, stress or events occurring in your life? Get journalling now, you wont regret it!


5 Ways To Feel More Body Confident - London Style Active


Don’t ever forget that you are not alone with your insecurities, we all have them, let’s be perfectly imperfect together. If you have any questions or just want to chat, I am only a click away – get in touch lovelies! 


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