Forever21 Activewear Haul - London Style Active

Forever21 Activewear Haul

Find out what I bought in Forever 21 here...

Check out my Forever 21 Activewear Haul! Firstly let me just say a lil something.. Why on earth do we not speak enough about Forever 21’s activewear?

They have so much clothing dedicated to fitness and working out, it’s totally underrated! So that being said, I would highly recommend checking all of their designs, either in store or online, because lovelies they have stylish, affordable kit going for pennies!

For now enjoy my blog and have a look to see what I bought for my Forever 21 Activewear Haul!


Forever21 Activewear Haul - London Style Active


Kicking off with these gorgeous capris. Capris in general I feel like you either love or hate them, but personally for me I don’t mind them so much – especially when they come in a stylish print like these. The grey and black camo-like print caught my eye strait away and was pleasantly surprised by the appearance on. Usually when we’re talking printed leggings I can’t help my but feel like my legs look 10 x larger, however these leggings did quite the opposite, I felt athletic and strong.

I wore Size M – £16.99


Forever21 Activewear Haul - London Style Active


This white knitted long sleeved top is perfect for throwing on pre for post workout. Tight on the arms with cotton mesh detailing from the elbow downwards, the design is super trendy and adds a comfortable sporty touch to your outfit. Even off duty, team it up with some leggings or tucked in a cute skirt matched wit converses and you have yourself an athleisure look that even sporty spice would be jealous of.

I wore size XS – £13.99


Forever21 Activewear Haul - London Style Active


Now, a sleeveless hoodie isn’t something that I would rush to buy. I see girls at the gym totally rocking their sleeveless hoodies and I have always wondered what it would be like to pull it off. Well my dream day arrived when I purchased this hoodie from Forever 21. I fell head over heels for the colours, greys and baby pinks all the way, and it’s cute detailing on the laces and back.


Forever21 Activewear Haul - London Style ActiveForever21 Activewear Haul - London Style Active


Notice a colour scheme going on… I teamed the hoodie with these baby pink shorts with silver zips on each size. Again, I wasn’t too sure how I would feel about wearing these sports shorts because normally I like the look and feel of skin tight shorts. Put them together with other layers then you’ve got yourself a winner, however the shorts by themselves and just a top.. for me it didn’t work. But hey, winters approaching so I’m going to leave the shorts till next summer. Who knows by then I might just love em!

I wore size XS in the hoodie – £12.75

I wore size L (bootay gains) in the Shorts – £11.00


Forever21 Activewear Haul - London Style Active


Before you say anything, YES I was freezing my socks off! But I did it for you, to show you how cute this outfit is. I am in love with this crop top/sports bra from Forever 21. You can’t really see in the photos but the bra has a unique design that features a faint pink line outlining the bra’s bottom brand and mesh triangle in the centre. And before you say anything else, YES I am saving for a totally awesome blogging camera that can capture every detail but for now I’m going to use my somewhat helpful words to describe the design.

I wore a size S in the sports bra – £14.00


Forever21 Activewear Haul - London Style Active


If you ever want to feel like a bad ass princes whilst working out, then you need to get your paws on this Forever 21 pink cap! The colour is so flattering, easy to go with basic colours such as black, white, grey, baby blue, pastels, etc. What’s more is that the mesh strip on the sides gives it that extra kick of sassiness, meaning “Don’t talk to me I’m working out.” Keep that cap down low girl, block the world out and get in that killer workout!

One size hat – £9.00


They you go lovelies, thank you so much for reading what I bought in Forever 21. I want to hear from you! Comment, like and share if you enjoyed this blog and if you would like me to do more hauls like this then let me know what designers and brands you would like me to show you all!

All the pieces are linked to Forever 21, see price.

All photos shot in Shoreditch, London. Sasha BABE Morris Photo credit.

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