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How To Workout In Winter

It's time to face the cold and find out my tips for working out in winter

Working out in winter. Easier said than done right? Only the brave and slightly deluded know how to work out in winter! Think again lovelies because I’m here to tell you that fitness shouldn’t be consistent just for summer, we should be incorporating different forms of exercise to our lifestyle ALL year round.

It’s time to get your thermals and gloves at the ready because here are my top tips on how to workout in winter!


Working out in winter - London Style Active

Wrap up

With the days becoming colder and darker it’s important to keep yourself warm so that your body isn’t affected by infections that could decrease the functioning of your immune system. Invest in extra layers, thermals, head bands and gloves because keeping your face and hands warm will make a difference to your body’s temperature. Once you are suited and booted you are then ready for the next step.


Create a motivating playlist

Whether you are debating to go to the gym, have a swim or go for a run outside the gloomy weather can wake those persuasive voices. They are telling you to stay indoors, to sack your workout off, to put the kettle on and make a hot chocolate instead. Nah huh girl you put on your favourite tunes and have a little dance to get your butt back into gear for some serious motivation.


Plan your workout

Preparation is key. If you are having trouble finding motivation to workout during the winter then you need to get yourself a plan of action. Making a note of what you are going to boss at the gym, how far you are going to run, or how many lengths you will swim is a great way to spend less time procrastinating and more time smashing it.


Take part in classes

If your gym has classes then get involved. If your friend is taking part in a local bootcamp then why don’t you tag along too. You will find yourself more motivated to work out if you commit to something, especially if you hate the idea of letting others down.


Hope you enjoyed reading my blog on how to work out in winter. Check out my Forever 21 Activewear Haul for some winter sportswear motivation.

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