My Post-Gym Skincare Essential

Find out what my post-gym skincare essential is. We all know exercising has many benefits for body and wellbeing, but working out can also have less than positive effects on your skin.

Blocked pores, skin inflammation and hidden bacteria can affect skin post-workout if you don’t take action. Don’t let your biggest workout give you an even bigger breakout!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a breakfast with Optiat, following the successful launch of their four naturally-scented coffee scrubs ‘For The Love Of Scrub.’ After meeting the founders and siblings William and Anna Brightman, who shared their inspiring story about creating their brand, I was excited to give their scrubs a try. Particularly their ‘Pick Me Up’ coffee scrub which includes lemongrass filter, known for being perfect before and after a workout. And guess what.. months later and it’s still my post-gym skincare essential!



Sweating is a great way to detoxify your skin, but bacteria can easily spread after touching equipment that has been used by gym-goers before you. Once I am home and showered from the gym I use Optiat’s ‘Pick Me Up’ on my face after getting hot and sweaty.

We’ve all seen the coffee scrubs on insta, so you can imagine that one is not going to be looking to pretty whilst applying it on and you need to be careful with what you touch because my bathroom seems to have it everywhere each time I use it. However, the smell is just divine and will leave your bathroom smelling fruity and fresh.



Even though their scrub is my go-to for my skincare routine after excising, I try to use it only 1-2 times a week otherwise my skin becomes very dry and for some reason my nose starts to peel. If you scrub your face daily then you are stripping your skin of it’s natural oils and this can cause breakouts.

The scrub promises a ‘perfect boost.’ Who knows what a perfect boost is but I can tell you that afterwards you will find it hard not to touch your face because the scrub makes it unbelievably soft and plumped. The infusions of lemongrass, lime and coconut will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and revived! I have also tried the ‘Feel Great’ scrub from Optiat and again very impressed with the results it has given me. My skin not only smells amazing but looks radiant and creates a smooth surface for my make up as well which is a bonus!


If that wasn’t enough reasons as to why Optiat should be your post-gym skincare essential too then I’ll let you in on a cool fact about them.. Optiat actually stands for One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure.

How caaaute is that?! Check out their website, products and stockist here.


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