10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation – PART 1

If dreary days are killing your workout mojo, check out these 10 ways to find workout motivation.  As back in the summer we were all about heading out for runs before work and drinking green smoothies for breakfast, but as soon as the season changed the only green thing we’ve seen green is Shrek on our TV screen while we were curled up on the sofa eating ice cream from the tub.

Finding motivation this winter can require a lot of determination, so put those cold weather blues behind us, climb out from under that duvet and get ready to exit hibernation mode.


10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation - London Style Active


Make a workout date

We are all creatures of habit, so start making a routine of jotting down when and where you can fit in some time for exercise. Whether it’s in the morning, during your lunch break, or in the evening, you’ll find yourself more committed to working out if you’ve made the effort to schedule it into your day. You wouldn’t cancel plans made with friends, so why make exercise any less of a priority? Fit in that killer workout now.


Unleash your sporty style

Whether it’s just a buying a new sports bra, some posh leggings, or those trainers you’ve wanted for ages, often all you need to motivate you is some new sports clothing. Check out the latest AW17 activewear collections from H&M, Sweaty Betty and Nike for extra inspiration.


10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation - London Style Active

Gym gear at the ready

Now you’ve got the style to go with the sweat, a top tip for finding motivation to exercise (especially in the mornings) is simply have your workout clothes ready and prepared for you in advance. That way, you’ll spend less time finding excuses to skip working out.

Move to the beat

We all know the dreaded feeling of hearing our morning alarm go off. Not exactly pleasant or motivating, right? Jazz up your alarm by having your favourite song or the radio play to put a spring in your step and start your day with some feel-good vibes.


10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation - London Style Active

Tap into technology

Remember when you were younger and you couldn’t wait to use your new Christmas toy? Well, you are never too old to get excited to try something new. In fact, gadgets like a fitness watch, heart rate monitor or mobile apps can help motivate you to make the most out of your workout.


I hope you enjoyed this one lovelies because guess what – the other 5 ways to find workout motivation will be uploaded as a PART 2 for you all. Click on my Instagram handle below to keep yourself updated with any PART 2 news…

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