10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation – PART 2

Right back with my 10 ways to find workout motivation – PART 2! I hope you enjoyed my previous post about workout motivation, don’t worry if you haven’t read it yet click here for more. As promised, here is my follow up part 2 to finding workout motivation. Write them down, screenshot, save to your phone, do whatever it takes to boost your motivation to work out!


10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation - PART 2 - London Style Active


Warm up properly

That typical ‘should I, shan’t I’ mind debate before having a workout can be a tricky one – especially when it’s cold and dark outside. So get your rear into gear and plug in your headphones, listen to some music and start warming up indoors. It doesn’t matter where you are, because once your body starts moving, your heart rate quickens and your blood gets busy pumping around ‘happy’ hormones.


Set a goal

Everybody likes to end their day knowing that they have achieved something. No matter how big or small, setting goals is crucial to self-motivation. In this game, it’s only you against you. Create a checklist, journal, timetable or even a diary to write down exactly what you want to achieve this winter and how you are going to go about doing it. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.


10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation - PART 2 - London Style Active


Have a workout buddy

Making plans with someone else will force you to be fully engaged within the activity – helping you stay away from boredom that could take you down the path of laziness. You will both be relying on each other to turn up, and that guilt-inducing pressure is exactly what you need to get you exercising throughout the seasonal change.


Track your progress

Keep notes on your progress – list the times when you lacked motivation and other times when you felt like a complete fitness superstar.  There will be a pattern, and once you are aware of it you can work with yourself and continue developing. So grab a pen and paper, call up a friend, make a date with the gym and start planning your winter fitness goals.


10 Ways To Find Workout Motivation - PART 2 - London Style Active


Listen up

Let’s be honest here, there’s no ‘quick fix’ to getting fit, so get reading and learn the facts. Finding inspirational podcasts can help with motivation, so why not listen to one while on your walks/runs? Lewis Howe’s School Of Greatness podcast episodes are one of our favourites.



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