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How To Get Back On Track After Vacation

Struggling to find motivation post-holiday? Find out my tips on how to get back on track after vacation

How to get back on track after vacation. Everybody has experienced, or can relate to, feeling guilty from overeating whilst on holiday. This makes it hard to emotionally prepare yourself to get back on track.

If you follow my Instagram you would have seen that I went to Amsterdam for the perfect autumnal weekend city break. I was there for a short amount of time but after coming back I have decided to kickstart my fitness regime.

I am sure others have trouble doing the same so here’s my tips on how to get back on track after vacation.


How To Get Back On Track After Vacation - London Style Active

Lose The Shame

Maybe that one slice of cake turned into two, then perhaps a third. But you’ve realized that you’ve taken the theory ‘have your cake an eat it’ a little too far. I know exactly what it can be like, but one thing for certain beating yourself up about it isn’t going to help matters.

You are not alone, it’s important to speak about it. Laugh it off. You shouldn’t ever feel secretive or ashamed about your overindulgence with food. This could build up negative thoughts towards food and even form an unhealthy relationship. Just like a band aid, you’ve gotta rip that fella off, forget about it, start fresh and move on!

Drink plenty of water

Not only will drinking more water help flush out toxins but drinking H20 will make you feel good. Especially after a night out of consuming alcohol. Upping your fluids is really important for the body and will help with digestion, thinking clearly and improving your mood.


How To Get Back On Track After Vacation - London Style Active


Don’t overexercise

You shouldn’t be doing cardio or going to the gym excessively for the sake of overeating.The same can be correlated to under eating or restricting your calories. This could cause a dysfunctional relationship with food and you shouldn’t ever punish yourself for the sake of eating more than your normal intake. Refresh your mind from any intrusive thoughts by eating nourishing foods that are going to make you feel good inside and out.


How To Get Back On Track After Vacation - London Style Active

Focus on the positives 

Instead of dwelling on the negatives like ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that much’ you should remind yourself of the memories you’ve created, the laughs, the dancing, the drama, all of it! Negative thinking can knock your self esteem. You wouldn’t tell your best friend that his or her’s extra slice of pizza has gone strait to their thighs? So why say those nasty and untrue things to yourself?


Motivate yourself

Dig deep and find the things you know that will help motivate you and allow yourself to have a positive outlook on the situation.

Perhaps taking long walks, catching up with a friend, creating a new training programme, trying a different fitness class or listening to your favourite tunes or podcasts will help clear your mind and kick some motivation back into your routine. Once you have accomplished this you will you save yourself a lot of wasted time being so negative to your body and self esteem.


How delicious does my food look from MOOK? If you are ever in Amsterdam and a fan of pancakes, as well as other brunch bites, then I would highly recommend checking them out. If you would like to read a review just let me know in the comment section and I will post one for you.



  1. Hi! Yes it is hard to get back on track! I really agree with what you said about not making a super big deal about it, and drinking more water. I think that it’s a lot about being kind to yourself, and doing healthy things to show yourself you care.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, means the world and I am so glad you liked my blog post! I agree with you 100 percent lovely, maybe you should write a blog post too about getting back on track?! I’m sure you’ll have some amazing and motivating points to say xo

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