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Simple Self Care Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

Find out my simple self care tips to improve your mental health

Try these simple self care tips to improve your mental health. We all have our days of feeling stressed, nervous, worried or anxious about something. For some it’s more days than others but checking in with yourself regularly can help to improve your mental health.

Mental health shouldn’t be oversimplified. However, I believe working on little actions will build a big change to positive thinking.  I also believe there is a stigma that surrounds mental health today. I am going to make it my mission to help change that.

That’s why I have taken inspiration with my simple self care tips from the gorgeous HelloBexa blog. Bexa and other bloggers have created the hashtag #unthinkstigma. We aim to create a supportive online environment where you lovelies can share your own personal stories in order to reduce the stigma attached to mental health illness.


Simple Self Care Tips To Improve Your Mental Health - London Style Active


Calm your surroundings

Lighting candles is my number 1 de-stressor. It makes me feel much more relaxed and calm towards the situation and my surroundings. Unfortunately, lighting a candle will not make all of your problems disappear but it does allow your thoughts to un-wine – try it!


Journal it out

Writing down your thoughts can be very therapeutic. It might seem a bit dear dairy childish at first, however you’ll be surprised with how your pen will start to flow once you tune into your emotions.


Eat well

This is something I saw on Bexa’s blog and love it so much that it needed to be included on my list. Eating nutritiously dense foods will not only make you look good but most importantly feel good as well. Enjoying a healthy meal will spark your energy levels, boost your mood, overall helping you feel better about yourself.


Listen to a podcast

Whether I am looking for motivation, a distraction or a sense of clarity, listening to podcasts help turn my negative thoughts into positive. I love listening to other people’s stories. Myu favourite podcasts are Lewis Howe’s School Of Greatness, Bucci Radio, She Means Buisness by Carrie Green and When Life Gives You Melons with Maya Jama.


Let someone know what’s going on

Lastly, and most importantly, checking in with someone who you can trust is one of the ultimate self care tips to improve your mental health. Making awareness of your emotions to somebody will lift a huge weight off from your shoulders. It sounds scary but opening up to the right person is something that you wont ever regret.




  1. Lovely post Molly 💕. Thank you for crediting me, that’s really appreciated ☺️. You know what, I’ve never actually listened to a PodCast, I’m definitely going to have to check out your recommendations 😃. Your blog is so gorgeous – I LOVE your style 🌷🌺 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  2. Great tips! I love that even just lighting a candle can just calm your mind so you can begin to think through everything else more clearly. Thank you for supporting #unthinkstigma x

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