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How To Get Back On Track After The Flu

Here's my helpful tips on how to get back on track after the flu

How to get back on track after the flu. I haven’t had a cold in years so when I got the flu, it hit me hard. I felt weak, sore and definitely unable to train. Luckily, my recovery wasn’t too long as now I am feeling so much better and back to the gym. I am sorry to hear if you have the flu too, or you are unwell to workout but there is light on the other side of the tunnel. You WILL get back on track after taking time off.

Here’s my helpful tips on how to get back on track after the flu!


How To Get Back On Track After The Flu - London Style Active


Rest, rest, rest!

Rest is key to getting better. I know you might be super eager to get your butt back into the gym, however don’t push yourself until you are 100 percent well rested. You might feel great doing your workout, afterwards thinking what the fuss was all about? However, the next day your body will most likely be back to square one. Nobody wants to make themselves feel worse. Rest up, your body will be thanking you in the long run.


Ease yourself into fitness

Your first week back into exercising is always going to be slower than usual. If you go into the gym wanting to do a really intense session as your comeback, you will struggle. It’s normal to not feel as fit during your first sessions. With that in mind, to reduce the risk of harming your body, easing yourself back into fitness is your best option. Even if it means doing half of your usual workouts, or spending more time walking rather than running as your cardio. Perhaps a yoga class will do the trick?


Make A Change

Whilst I was bed bound for a few days I decided to write a new training program. I binged watched Intsagram/YouTube fitness videos and put together new exercises in my routines. Making a change to my fitness routine made me excited to back on track because it felt like I was creating a fresh start. Switching things up is a great motivation and keeps your body progressing towards your goals.


Keep Hydrated 

When you get back into your fitness after the flu, prepare for the sweat. It’s essential to drink lots of water before and after a workout. Research suggests ‘during exercise, the amount of sweat pouring out is often greater than the amount of fluids heading into the body, leading to dehydration. This messes with the body’s ability to regulate temperature and can hurt performance.’ Staying hydrated will help prevent you catching any other germs that linger at the gym too!


Refuel with goodness

I lost my appetite completely whilst having the flu. A week later and I’m still struggling to eat as much as I did before. However, I always try to make sure that my meals are nutritious and packed with goodness that is going to keep me fit and healthy. As much as I wanted to eat nothing more than ice cream to soothe my sore throat, I know that’s not what my body needs. Our bodies need lots of food groups to survive. Nutritious food is the medicine to the body.



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