What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

What’s In My Gym Bag?

From padlocks to hair bobbles, here's an exclusive insight to what's in my gym bag

What’s in my gym bag? Quite a lot. My gym bag is similar to Mary Poppins because I always like to be prepared. However, there are staple items that always come with me on my workouts. From padlocks to hair bobbles, here’s an exclusive insight to what’s in my gym bag.



What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active


When a girl is tying her hair up before working out it can only mean one thing; beast mode! Take care of your hair with Invisbobble. The ultimate traceless hair accessory that is super comfortable, has  a strong grip for the toughest of workouts and leaves your hair pain free when you take it out. Available in different colours to make it a statement or camouflage to your hair colour.

£4.95 – boots.com


SportFX Cool Down Primer

What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

I have been a fan of using SportFX’s products for a year now, it is a stable item in my gym bag. I try and not apply make up after working out, but if I need to be somewhere then I’ll get ready at my gym and this perfecting primer keeps my makeup flawless. It’s great for my skin post workout, the aloe Vera softens and soothes while its vitamin complex protects and repairs my skin from environmental damage and pollution.

£9.99 – Sportfx.com


Schwarzkopf Got2b Hair Oil

What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

Argan oil comes from the fruit of the native Argan tree in Morocco and has brilliant moisturising benefits to your hair. You only need a few drops of Schwarzkopf Got2b hair oil massaged to the ends of your hair. The non-greasy formula with Argan Oil absorbs instantly and can be used for extra care pre-washing or better manageability pre-styling (damp hair). Perfect treatment for showering after your workout.

£4.00 – Waitrose.com



What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

Some gyms might have padlocks or other security facilities available for you, however we all know it’s better safe than sorry. You can always ask front desk if they have a few available, best to keep one on you anyway. That way you can enjoy your workout without worrying about your open locker.

£7.99 – Amazon.co.uk


Resistance Band

What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

Resistance bands have become a fitness must-have for your workouts. Thanks to Instagram videos, it seems like every girl should own one. Resistance bands aren’t a necessity. I have one in my gym bag because I like to warm up with one before training legs and every now and then I’ll wear it to intensify my exercises. Give it a go if you haven’t tried using resistance bands before, plus they are super light to carry around.

From £3.99 – Amazon.co.uk


Odylique Muscle Ease Massage Oil 

What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

Another post-workout recovery gem is this muscle ease massage oil from Odylique. It is 100% organic and natural, the nourishing cold-pressed massage oil base (olive, coconut and high oleic sunflower) leaves the skin moisturised, but not greasy. It helps ease tension from my muscles, especially on my shoulders. It’s deeply relaxing, smells divine and fits well in the pockets of my gym bag.

£9.50 – Odylique.co.uk


Women’s Best Pro 2Go Shaker

What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

I currently use Women’s Best original shaker but their new shaker will be my next invest. The integrated two-container-technology offers you additional space for your protein powder and capsules. Perfect for someone who takes supplements and likes to be prepared. It’s a splendid combo!

£9.99 – uk.womensbest.com



What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

It’s a given really. Nobody wants to be smelly. Keep a deodorant just for your gym bag so that it’s always there.

£2.75 – Boots.com


Baby Wipes

What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

I always make sure I shower after working out and wash my face using water. However, sometimes you are in a rush and there’s a queue for the showers, solution: baby wipes! If worse comes to worse, baby wipes are there to help remove bacteria from working out. Just make sure you was yourself properly later on in the day.

£1.50 – Boots.com



What's In My Gym Bag? - London Style Active

Lastly, I always make sure I have a notepad in my gym bag. Writing down my workouts and following exercises in my notepad ensures that I am on track with my training. It’s a huge motivator for me to have my workouts ready on paper. I feel organised and clear on what I will be training in the gym. It’s time to smash your workouts with this fabulous notepad from Paperchase. YAAAS indeed!

£8.00 – Paperchase.co.uk



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