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Gym Confidence Hacks

Don't let your low confidence get in the way of working out

Gym confidence hacks. The gym can be a daunting place. While I’ve been a gym-goer for a while now, I still have days where I feel self-conscious and worried that everybody is looking at me funny. Everybody has these days. However, you shouldn’t let your low confidence get in the way of working out.

Here’s my gym confidence hacks for you to try so that you can hit the gym with plenty of self esteem!


Gym Confidence Hacks - London Style Active


Dress comfortably 

First things first, wear gym clothes that make you feel comfortable. There’s no point wearing something that makes you feel self conscious about your body. If you have low self esteem about your arms then perhaps opt for a long sleeved top. If you feel confident wearing shorts, go ahead and wear them. Nobody’s stopping you. If you look good you feel good on the inside.


Wrap a hoodie around your waist

Now, I know most of us want to grow the booty but how many of us feel self conscious doing so? I’m talking about awkward exercises that make you feel self conscious. At the end of the day, you are there for a reason and you shouldn’t ever feel ashamed by working on yourself. Although, sometimes people choose to stare in a way that is certainly not appreciative, making you feel uncomfortable. I like to wrap a hoodie round my waist when enduring awkward exercises, cable pull throughs I’m talking about you!


Style your hair

I know what you are thinking. Why style my hair when the second I start exercising it’ll fall out? This is true. However, there’s nothing worse than working out and having to secure your pins all the time. Try braiding your hair, that way your hair will stay off your face and there’s different types of plaits that’ll work for all hair lengths.


Smell nice

Just before you workout, give yourself a splitz of your favourite body spray so that you won’t feel self conscious about body odour.


Bring your own towel

Everybody sweats. It’s totally normal and shouldn’t be a reason to feel embarrassed. If your gym doesn’t supply towels, bring in your own for that extra confidence boost rather than fretting with tissues.


Realise that nobody cares

Not in a horrible way. Perhaps the reason why you don’t feel confident at the gym is because you feel like everybody is watching you. I used to think this, especially training in the weights area. So not the case. I have come to realise that everybody is so focused on themselves to even care about what you are doing. Give yourself some credit lovely, you are in there for a reason similar to everybody else. Do your thing, smash it and be proud of yourself!


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