How I Learnt To Stop Counting Calories

Felling caught up in numbers? Find out how I learnt to stop counting calories

How I learnt to stop counting calories. There’s nothing wrong with being aware of what goes into your body. However, religiously counting calories, restricting yourself from foods that are ‘high’ in calories forms a bad relationship with food. This isn’t sustainable, nor healthy. For years I would count my calorie intake. I was a professional calorie counter, so much so that even a few calories over my ‘limit’ I would feel upset with myself.

If you are someone who has an unhealthy obsession with calories, I’ll be honest with you. It may not be as simple as these tips, but it’s a start to help better your thoughts towards food.

Here’s how I learnt to stop counting calories…


How I Stopped Counting Calories - London Style Active


Ease off meal prepping

Meal prep is a great organising tool to help keep yourself on track with your fitness goals. You can meal prep without counting any calories or macros, but for me I was measuring every gram of food that I prepped. I used to show up to my friends houses with my food in a tupperware box, then I realised I was too controlling with my food.

Now I only prep my lunches for work and the occasional breakfast if I am exercising in the morning.


Don’t be afraid to eat intuitively 

In my damaged little head I would associate intuitively eating with putting on weight. Perhaps it was the freedom to ‘eat whatever I wanted’ that threw me off. The idea of not having control over my calories meant that I was vulnerable to put on weight. Not the case in the slightest. It means living a healthy balanced lifestyle, listening to your body and responding to it with deliciously nutritious food.

Tell yourself, by intuitively eating you won’t lose control. Instead, use your knowledge of nutrition to nourish your amazing body with goodness rather than a certain amount of calories.


Detox from calorie counters

Deleting MyFitnessPal and other calorie counting apps helped me mentally overcome obsessive calorie counting. When I was serious about my recovery I did a detox from MyFitnessPal for a week. My thoughts were clearer, almost like a weight had been lifted off from my shoulders. If I’m really honest, from years of calorie counting I already knew what was in most things, but not logging numbers helps.

It also made me realise how much time and energy I spent looking at calorie numbers. That time and energy can be spent elsewhere for something far more beneficial and rewarding.


These tips are from my personal experience. This is not advice given from a professional. My inbox is always open for questions, however please please seek information from a professional who can help your further.


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