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How To Keep Fit In February

If you are thinking about giving up on your fitness New Year's resolutions, think again

How to keep fit in February. Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February? Forget it. Not this year, not you. If you are thinking about giving up on your fitness New Year’s resolutions, think again. There’s no reason why you can’t achieve your fitness goals.

Whether it’s to do 10 push-ups, run a marathon, or simply take the stairs more often – you can do it! Here’s my tips on how to keep fit in February so you can have your fittest year yet.


How To Keep Fit In Febraury - London Style Active


Put in some oomph

If it was easy, wouldn’t we all be achieving our goals already? You need to put in some extra work in order to get one leg over that wall that is telling you to give up. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier, make your coffee stronger, whatever it takes to get you out of bed and smash your workout.


Question your motives 

It’s all well and good saying that your New Year’s resolution is to get rock solid abs, but that requires a steady gym habit and healthy diet. Instead of giving up because you haven’t grown washboard abs just yet, why not alter your resolution to eating less artificial ingredients? Or see how many minutes you can hold whilst planking? Focus on the other motives and the rest will fall into place.


Keep it interesting

If you are like me and get bored easily, it’s important to mix up your workouts. Try to think beyond the treadmill or even the weight rack. If your gym teaches classes, sign yourself up for something different. Give it a go! You have nothing to lose. Not only will your motivation spike but you’ll notice changes psychically as well by mixing up your workouts.


How To Stay Fit In February - London Style Active


Invest yourself 

If you can afford it, finding yourself a PT is a great way to overcome the rut you feel in February. Pencilling in training sessions together and spending the money means there’s no getting out. The same can happen with buying new workout gear, and lovely you know I’m all about buying activewear for motivation.


Team up

Working out with a buddy will keep you accountable to show up. Knowing that someone’s waiting for you at the gym can prevent skipping workouts, plus it’s a lot more fun together. Turn to someone who you know will boost your motivation levels.


Be forgiving

So what you were a fraction close to quitting. Who cares. The main thing is that you keep going, step by step, pushing yourself that bit extra every single day. Forgive yourself if you have an ‘off’ day. We are all human but you deserve to reach your goals. Stand out from the rest, be apart of the 20% who apparently stick to their New Year’s resolution. That’s where the strong, dedicated, inspiring individuals are. You belong there.


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