Celebrating International Women's Day - London Style Active

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Find out what went down at Lab's International Women's Day event...

It’s international women’s day and what better way to celebrate by listening to inspiring stories from women bossing their businesses. Labs put on a superb event celebrating international women’s day, including breakfast with a female founder panel, lunch time beauty treatments and girl boss cocktails in the evening.


Celebrating International Women's Day - London Style Active


All funds went to Smart Works, which is an amazing charity that provides unemployed women with support for upcoming interviews. Women receive an outfit of high quality clothing, styled for them by two volunteer stylists, and interview coaching with an HR professional. The service is free and anything given at Smart Works is theirs to keep. How incredible is that? What’s more is that 60% of women with Smart Works are successful getting the job they want.

The morning event was packed with encouraging wisdom, moving stories and a hell of a lot of motivation. Annie Morris, Co-Founder of Spoon Cereals, hosted the event alongside her beautiful female founder panel including Emily Holmes, Leila Mckenzie, Tessa Bryant and Camilla Marcus-Dew.


Celebrating International Women's Day - London Style Active


The panel shared their personal experiences of being a female boss, making your mark on the career ladder, what it takes to become a successful leader and overcoming obstacles in order to succeed. The atmosphere of the room was lit! I was in my element listening to the inspiring guest speakers, so much so that I thought I would share their valuable advice.


Celebrating International Women's Day - London Style Active


What it takes to become a successful leader


We tend to picture a successful leader as someone who is aggressive, bossy, confident and confrontational. These characteristics can be true to an extent but Leila says that having good ‘Emotional intelligence’ is a main personality trait to become a successful leader in your work. ‘Attention to detail is crucial’ says Emily and ‘working overdrive, having integrity and breaking your back to do anything in order to succeed is required’ explains Camilla.



Overcoming obstacles in your business 


The gorgeous guest speakers spoke about surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you up and not drag you down. Things won’t always go the way you want and Leila explains, ‘Having people around you to help you get back up and dust yourself off is important for overcoming obstacles.’ Self confidence can be another blockage to your success. Tessa reveals her ‘Self confidence was a common theme for doubting myself.’ Listen to your gut and follow what you are passion about, she says, ‘Your gut feeling can be right.’


Celebrating International Women's Day - London Style Active


Stepping on your career ladder


Making your mark within your particular industry or starting your business can be difficult, overwhelming, not to mention stressful. Nevertheless, it’s possible and Tessa advises to ‘Immerse yourself in diversity and expand your spectrum of people.’ ‘Only 1 in 10 women say they want to start a business but actually commit to doing it,’ Annie claims. The fear of failing can stop women from trying but Leila says, ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway.’


Celebrating International Women's Day - London Style Active


Advice to younger self


Your career path may not be strait forward. In fact it’ll probably be more like a rollercoaster. You will experience your fair share of ups and downs because if it was simple then wouldn’t we all be at the top of our game 24/7? It’s far from simple but you experience things for a reason. Sometimes the best people you’ll ever meet will be through your mistakes. Mistakes are just a stepping stone to success. They mould the person you are whether you like it or not, we always seem to learn from our mistakes.

On the topic of advice to younger self Tessa says ‘To believe in yourself.’ Camilla advises to ‘Rethink values. I was brought up hearing that success and money are the same thing, it’s not and you need to block that theory out.’ She also says, ‘To not care as much. It’s ok to be different.’


Thank you labs for hosting an amazing event. Please check out Smart Works and the beautiful work they are doing to help women.


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