Get Fitness Motivation With Gone Rogue

Feeling down in the dumps with your fitness progress? Looking for something to perk your motivational levels up? Well, I have the perkiest and pinkest solution for you. It’s time to get fitness motivation with Gone Rogue.


Get Fitness Motivation With Gone Rogue - London Style Active


I am so passionate about activewear because wearing clothing to the gym that makes you feel good inside means a massive confidence boost that glows on the outside. Feeling good about yourself whilst working out is a game changer. Unfortunately, burpees are still going to hurt but the pain is so worth it for those sky high endorphins afterwards. Exercise helps to release endorphins but so does feeling good about yourself and I believe this comes from wearing activewear that you love.


Which leads me onto Gone Rogue. How fabulous is this colour of their women’s matching sports bra and leggings set? Gone Rogue Ltd is a UK based, fitness and fashion brand, with the desire to motivate and inspire you to be whoever you want to be.

I love to workout in pink. Check out my Instagram to see my collection of pink activewear grow. It makes me feel feminine, especially with my weight training, so of course on first impressions I was pleased by the colour. However, it tends to look a little nude in photos (borderlining nakedness if you have pale skin like me) but it’s a light pastel pink shade.


Get Fitness Motivation With Gone Rogue - London Style Active


Not a fan of pink? The sports bra can be worn under a white/black/grey vest and the small flash of pink will still add some girly style. I am wearing a size small and what I like most is the thick band under the cups which helps to outline your figure and also their white logo printed centre is a cute detail.


Get Fitness Motivation With Gone Rogue - London Style Active


Their leggings remind me of a swimsuit material feel, which I’m not usually a fan of because I don’t like the shiny look, but I was pleasantly surprised once I put them on. I am wearing a size small and they fit great on my front but on my back there is excess material, mainly but because it’s material is super stretchy so I would recommend sizing down in the leggings. Get fitness motivation with Gone Rogue and stay up to date with their collection here.


Hope you liked my Gone Rogue activewear review. Please like/share and comment below any activewear brands you would like me to review.


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