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How To Love Cardio

Get ready to turn cardi-no into cardi-GO with my tips on how to love cardio

How to love cardio. Cardio is hardio and that’s why it’s so great for physical change. It’s going to challenge you. Even though most of us would much rather stay under the duvet than go out for a early morning run, there is no underlying the importance of including regular cardio vascular exercise into our lifestyle.

Increased bone density, healthier heart and lungs, weight loss and stress relief are only a few health benefits to name that cardio does so with that in mind, it’s time to turn cardi-no into cardi-GO with my tips on How To Love Cardio!


How To Love Cardio - London Style Active


Find something you like

The key for staying consistent is to find something that you actually enjoy doing. For example, if the thought of running makes you want to bash your head against a wall then opt for something different like swimming, hiking, playing a sport, signing up to a HIIT class, etc. You will feel motivated to smash out your cardio sessions rather than associating it as a chore.


Have an awesome playlist

Make a note of certain songs that make you feel incredible, the ones that get you in your zone, and put together a killer playlist for your cardio. Whether it’s dance, hip hop, rock, EDM, pop or even opera, not only will the different tempos and beats help make time fly by but will push your limits further during your workout.


Switch it up

We all know how important it is to mix different exercises, that way our bodies won’t adapt to the same movements, meaning less chances of hitting a plateau. So if you normally smash out sprints on the treadmill, why not take it outside? Find some steps, a hill or even different ground textures like grass or sand, and try sprint intervals there – you are guaranteed a more intense cardio session.


Buddy up

Think of it like this, ‘If I’m going down you are going down with me!’ Find a partner to do your cardio with, then at least you can both power through the workout together! Working out with a friend can make cardio seem a bit more enjoyable. Break a sweat, challenge yourself, compete against each other and get it done!


Be tech savvy

Make every step count by investing in a fitness tracker. Nuband watches are wearable technology that have a range of features including: heart rate activity, multi sport feature, sleep tracking and more. With the flick of your wrist you can know the time, date and how far you have walked or run. Wearing a fitness tracker is an effective way to boost motivation to move.


Listen to a motivational video

This might not be for everyone, but if you are a sucker for motivational videos like me then type into YouTube ‘Motivation video’ and you’ll be amazed by how many inspiring channels there are waiting for you. Not to mention Will Smith is vlogging his motivational talks on his Youtube channel  – what a time to be alive! Check them out now!

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