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Ways To Make Most Of Shorter Days

Improve your productivity by these ways to make most of shorter days

Finding ways to make most of shorter days can be tricky. I’m sure most of us are counting down time for long summer days and better lighting am I right? Nevertheless, there are ways to help make the most of shorter days this winter.  It’s time to improve your productivity and let the shorter days work for you rather than against you.


Ways To Make Most Of Shorter Days - London Style Active



Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel alert, motivated, positive and overall good about yourself. Try and get an early morning workout in, that way it’ll leave you energized for the rest of the day. If you’re definitely not an early bird then try squeezing in a workout or stroll during your lunch break. Your skin will love a little dose of vitamin D even if the sky is grey.


Plan your day the night beforehand 

It’s time to get organised and make the most of the shorter days. Plan your day by writing down what you need to complete, hour by hour if that helps, the night before. That way you wake up knowing exactly what you need to do, less procrastinating and more time feeling good about yourself by ticking things off your list.


Make dates with friends

Arrange a fitness class with a friend before or after work, that way it’ll break up the depressing thought of starting/leaving work in darkness. Even better, maybe a walk together so that you can make the most of the sunlight.


Start a new hobby

Going on bike rides may have been your go-to activity in the summer, how about visiting museums or galleries that take your fancy as a winter hobby. Loved working outdoors during the summer, why not check out your gym’s indoor bootcamp classes? Get creative, discover something that will keep your brain ticking and feeling productive during the colder season.


Read something positive

Whether it’s a heart-warming article, a funny conversation, or a positive quote, keep the liveliness rolling by reading something positive every day. You are in control of your thoughts, when you hear a negative thought encroaching, acknowledge it, challenge it, and replace it with positivity. You are inclined to get more done when you are in a positive state of mind.


Take care of your evenings

Take advantage of having longer evenings but creating pamper nights. Establish relaxing time. Put on a face mask, light a few candles and moisturise your body so that you can recharge effectively and make the most of the next day ahead.


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