5 Best Protein Bars For On The Go - London Style Active

5 Best Protein Bars For On The Go

Check out the best protein bars available at your local stores

5 best protein bars for on the go. Protein bars are great if you are in a hurry and need that energy boost or dosage of protein. Yes, on the go food shouldn’t be replaced by wholesome meals but who wants to make a protein shake halfway out of the door? That’s what makes protein bars a hit for on the go snacking. I’ve found 5 best protein bars for on the go that you can grab at your local supermarkets.


Eat Natural’s Protein Packed


5 Best Protein Bars For On The Go - London Style Active


If you are sensitive to protein powders, like me, then you’ll be pleased to know that Eat Natural bars are only made from simple ingredients that never use artificial colours or preservatives. As well as this, Eat Natural emphasise their protein by using nuts rather than whey protein powder, with each bar containing 10.2g of protein. Rest assure the peanuts and chocolate bar tastes delicious too!

75p at Sainsburys


Grenade’s Carb Killa


5 Best Protein Bars For On The Go - London Style Active

Some protein bars have a bad reputation for tasting chalky and artificial. If you are looking for a protein bar for on the go that is high in protein yet tastes good, then you must try Carb Killa by Grenade. is made using a specially selected baking process for exceptional taste resulting in a softer, crunchier texture. Carb Killa® is high in complete proteins, low in impact carbs and loaded with tons of fibre. Delivering 35 grams of protein per peanut nutter bar, Carb Killa provides balanced complete sources of protein, while limiting the level of simple, processed refined sugars. With low sugar and low calories, this bar really is the perfect high-protein snack. Tastes like a snickers!

£2.60 at Tescos 



Pulsin Vegan Protein

5 Best Protein Bars For On The Go - London Style Active

It’s easy to grab a sweet treat on the go when you are feeling rushed for time, stressed and hangry. Our cortisol levels rise and our body tells us to calm down by craving a sugar quick fix. So whether you are running late, finishing a workout or looking after the family, increase your protein intake and enjoy some guilt-free snacking by enjoying a tasty orange choc chip vegan protein bar by Pulsin. With a zesty orange taste, plenty of dairy free choc chips and packing 12g of plant based protein it’s a healthy and filling snack.

£1.89 at Holland & Barrett



Pollen and Grace’s Cocoa Protein


5 Best Protein Bars For On The Go


Usually being on the go we tend to pick up the sweetest thing we can find on the shelves because our energy may be low and our body craves sugar as a pick me up. Instead of reaching for the first chocolate bar you see, check out Pollen and Grace’s raw cocoa protein bar. A gooey cacao bar packed 9g of vegan protein  and natural sweetness like dates, desiccate coconut and vanilla extract. Pollen and Grace believe in the power or healthy, natural food, and that healthy food does and should always taste great. Try it for yourself!

£3.50 at Planet Organic 



Primal Pantry’s Double Expresso


5 Best Protein Bars For On The Go - London Style Active


Calling all coffee lovers! Feast your caffeinated tastebuds on this energy boosting double expresso protein bar brought to you by Primal Pantry. Train harder for longer with an intense hit of 100% natural caffeine in this ‘Double Espresso’ high-protein energy bar. Unlike other supplements, Primal Pantry’s protein bar is 100% clean and gives your body 146mg of natural caffeine for enhanced performance and alertness. As well as 15g of complete plant protein for enhanced recovery.

Currently sold out but sign up to Primal Pantry’s newsletter for further updates.


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