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Find out Wellness and Wander's top fitness motivation tips this Spring

The mornings are brighter, blossom is starting to appear on the trees and the temperature is gradually creeping up. It finally feels like Spring is here in the UK and the longer days are giving me a new lease of life to get outside again. What if you are finding it hard to transition from hibernation mode? Here’s my tips on how to spring back into action for Spring.

The pressure to prep for a “summer bod” starts to appear everywhere during this time of year. Celebs and influencers endorsing fat binders and meal replacement shakes promising a miracle transformation into the bod you have always dreamed about. Don’t fall for it! Quick fixes are not only dangerous but not sustainable meaning you could get results but they will be short-lived. It’s time to find out my top tips on how to spring back into action for Spring.

You need to write some goals and make a plan to get to what you want to be. I have created The Wellness Workbook which can help you do just that:



Be realistic towards your goals


How To Spring Back Into Action For Spring - London Style Active


For example, if you want to start running as a form of exercise to keep fit and give yourself the goal to run a marathon, that is too large when just starting out. Today’s society makes us feel the pressure of making huge goals and working tirelessly to reach them. I am all about striving for a life that makes you happy and healthy, however doing it in smaller and more manageable chunks will get you there safer and more sustainably. So instead of the marathon, aim to run your first ever 5km fun run. From then on you can creep up your distance or speed.


Finding something that excites and motivates you


How To Spring Back Into Action For Spring - London Style Active


 A tip on how to spring back into action for Spring is to find something you genuinely enjoy. That way it will ensure you doing it rather than dreading something you despise. If you hate running but you think you need to doing it because of what you see online – you really don’t. There are so many other ways to incorporate cardio into your life whether that be a cycle ride on a Sunday or using a skipping rope for ten minutes everyday. Lifting weights and Crossfit is another huge trend that has been growing on social media over the last few years, and it can seem like if you aren’t getting involved you are missing out or doing ‘fitness’ wrong. However like I’ve said, there are so many forms of exercise which involve working the muscles such as gymnastics, pilates or pole fitness. 


Get outdoors


How To Spring Back Into Action For Spring - London Style Active


Let’s not underestimate how great walking is for you – it is a lower intensity cardio which can be done for longer periods of time without the risk of injury or pain. It is suggested we should be fitting in 10,000 steps a day which can be a challenge if you work at a desk-based job, however there are ways to increase your steps which I go through in this article.

When the sun is shining, instead of binge-watching your favourite Netflix show, why not grab your headphones, put on a podcast or audiobook and go for a stroll. Find your local cycle trails with family, go on a hike and explore somewhere new with your love, or join in with your local outdoor exercise classes with friends. Nothing is more invigorating than feeling the sun on your face and knowing you are doing your best to live a healthy and happy life.


Han, creator of Wellness and Wander, is a lifestyle blogger who shares her passion for fitness, motivation, health and wellbeing. Shortlisted in the Bloggers Blog Awards in 2017 for Best Fitness Blog, Han has worked with amazing brands within the health/fitness/lifestyle industry. Hang out with Han through her Instagram and Twitter.

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