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Home Booty Workout Tips For Beginners

Ready for the booty burn? Check out my home booty workout tips for beginners

Home Booty Workout Tips For Beginners. Are you all about building the booty? Scrolling through Instagram you will come across thousands of workout videos targeting the glutes, not to mention women rocking the ‘butt pose’ and hashtags like #humpday. You can train whatever body part they want. It’s your body. We are all beautiful and unique, no matter what body image trend society manoeuvres us to have.

That being said, glutes are a powerful part of your body and do require a lot of work for growth. If you are looking to tone your glutes and work up a sweat then here’s my home booty workout tips for beginners.


Home Booty Workout Tips For Beginners - London Style Active


Jump around


(Queue House of Pain) Jump up and get down! First things first, working out from home will be incredibly dull if you aren’t playing your favourite tunes. Put together a playlist for you workout or if you can’t be loud then listen through your headphones. Once you find the beat to move your feet, start my jumping on the spot as if you have a skipping rope. By all means actually use a skipping rope if you have one! Complete this for one whole song.

Challenge yourself: try adding a few jump squats in between your jumps


Bulgarian Split Squats 


Now that you are warmed up and ready to go, let’s kick off the workout by placing one foot behind on a chair or sofa edge. Stand in a split stance and shift your weight slightly forward so your front leg is doing the work. Engage your core. Front foot pointing ahead with both toes and heel touching the floor, slowly lean forward into a lunge with your elevated leg still on the higher surface. Drive yourself back up through your heel and repeat this morning 10-15 times per leg.

Challenge yourself: hold a weight or something heavy close to your chest for more intensity.


Elevated hip bridges 


Using the same piece of furniture/equipment from the split squats, position your shoulder blades onto the edge and position your feet shoulder width apart in front. Leave a comfortable distance between your butt and feet. Take a deep breath and thrust your hips into the air, squeeze your glutes at the top for two seconds then slowly bring your body down – but don’t let your body touch the floor. Keep your hands and arms outstretched beside you or on your temples as I like to. Repeat for 15 reps, or as many as you can before your legs and butt feel like they are on fire.

Challenge yourself: Try this exercise with one leg and repeat the reps on the other. Or add weight below your stomach for heavier reps.


Donkey Kick Backs 


This exercise will blast your booty. What I like to do is complete as many reps as possible until I feel the booty burn. Position yourself on the ground with your hands and knees on the floor, keeping your back flat and not arched. Extend one leg out fully behind you, contracting the hamstrings, quads and glutes of this leg as you do. First 10 reps hold for 2 or 3 seconds, then return to your original position. Repeat another 10 reps but pulsing your leg in the air, avoid bringing it close to the ground. Try to have little to no rest and get working the other leg.

Challenge yourself: fitting a dumbbell or something similar in size behind your knee cap will help intensify the exercise. A water bottle, can of soda or tin of beans will work.


Squat bench touch


Now, you are probably wondering why squats are left to last. Personally, bodyweight squats don’t feel as tough at the beginning of my workout compared to the end. This is your finisher for your workout. Enter the ultimate booty blast zone. Stand tall in front of your sofa’s edge/chair facing away with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and have the toes flared out a little.

Slowly lower yourself by reaching back with your glutes while maintaining a strong core and lower back. As if you are about to sit into it, once you feel your butt touch the edge, keep that position for 2 seconds push through your heels to rise up. Hands can be crossed on your chest or outstretched in front of you. Whatever feels comfortable for you. Try repeating this exercise

Challenge yourself: Again, adding weight close to your chest will make this exercise harder – in a good way!



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