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How To Reduce Stress Before Bed

It's time for a stress free evening

How to reduce stress before bed. Stress can build up throughout your day. Whether it’s feeling anxious, overwhelmed, under pressure or facing big changes, too much stress can cause harm to our health and wellbeing. That’s why it is important to reduce stress as much as possible, especially before bed. Nobody likes to go to bed on an argument. In fact, laying down to sleep when you’re anxious often makes things worse. It’s time to wind down with my tips on how to reduce stress before bed.


Freshen up

How To Reduce Stress Before Bed - London Style Active

Whether your a shower or bath tub kinda girl, soaking helps to release physical stress from the body. Feeling clean emphasises a fresh start. One of my favourite ways to reduce stress before bed is using Friction Free Shaving’s ‘Scrub, Shave, Soothe’ system. Who doesn’t love feeling soft, smooth skin? Take care of your body by using FFS’s products that are rich in natural ingredients, to enhance repairing and moisturising qualities after shaving. Shave beautiful here. – gift set box £32.00



Set the scene 

How To Reduce Stress Before Bed - London Style Active

Finding the time to relax is the last thing you want to do when feeling stressed. Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us. A powerful tool to help reduce stress before bed is enjoying the beauty of a candle flickering during a moment of stillness and solitude. Turn off the outside world and tune into yourself with the warming, comforting, and relaxing aroma from Wanderwood Aromatherapy candle. – £30.00



(Actually) Write In Your Journal


How To Reduce Stress Before Bed - London Style Active

You don’t have to be the best writer on the planet, just jot down any worries, thoughts or ideas that are on your mind. There is nothing worse than a buzzing mind at night. Journalling before bed can help clear you head because you might be able to dig deeper into the stressor, realising it’s core and a solution to solve it. Recharge and refocus on what’s important by writing in Kikki.K’s gorgeous rose gold journal.

Kikki.K – £7.50



Buy yourself flowers

How To Reduce Stress Before Bed - London Style ActiveJust call me the crazy plant lady, bearing in mind most of my plants aren’t real, although they do make great home decorations. Playing with your senses can help distract and de stress any negative thoughts, resulting a calmer state of mind. Having fresh flowers, or fake plant decor, not only looks appealing but smells great (if fresh) too. Unwind before bed by looking after your plant or jazzing up your room with Primark’s latest plant decor.

Primark – £5.00 


De-stress to a beat


Getting home from work can be a nightmare. Perhaps you was stuck in traffic. Maybe your commute involved squished next to sweaty people. Or you had forgotten your umbrella and was soaked walking home. Nightmare. Try not to dwell on the external factors that are out of your control. Instead, lift your mood by listening to your favourite songs. Maybe have a dance too? Check out Spotify’s mood boosting playlists here.



Avoid fridge raid


It’s easy to rummage the fridge as soon as you get in. We have all be there, finishing up last nights leftovers or putting together a random snack whilst trying to think of what to have for dinner. Food won’t solve your stress. I am usually ravenous when I get home from work. What I like to do is either drink a glass of water, put the kettle on, or snack on something that is light and healthy. Like edamame beans with a dash of soy sauce. Pretty extra I know, but edamame snack pots from tescos are the perfect appetiser if you get hangry like me.



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