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5 Ways To Improve Sugar Willpower

Sugar cravings driving you mad? It's time to improve your willpower

5 Ways To Improve Sugar Willpower. Temptations are everywhere. From the moment you wake up till when your head hits your pillow again, there are sweet temptations following your every move. Gawking at someone’s pancakes for breakfast? Resisting to say no to office treats? You can forget barricading your cupboards because as much as we wish it was that easy, finding willpower to avoid sugar is tough.

I’m talking about added sugar. High fructose and sucrose contain a lot of calories with no essential nutrients. Yes, they taste amazing but missing a lot of nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fats. I have a massive sweet tooth so cutting out added sugars forever is a mammoth task to me. Treating myself here and there works well for me but it still takes a lot of willpower to not go overboard and crash. That’s why I am sharing my 5 ways to improve sugar willpower, to help increase your grit towards added sugars.



5 Ways To Improve Sugar Willpower - London Style Active


Rephrase your goals


Increasing your willpower towards sugar doesn’t mean restricting yourself. Most of the time you don’t need that kit kat crunchy, in fact you might not even be hungry. Rephrasing “I’m not allowed to have bad food” into “I will eat more healthy foods” releases the barrier of pressure to avoid sugar. By positively reinforcing yourself, making changes into your diet won’t seem as daunting. Meaning you won’t be heading to the cookie jar yelling “I’m a failure” because you’ve overindulged by restricting all sugars.



Willing to change habits


Your morning coffee with sugar might seem harmless but a sugary habit that occurs daily has a snowball effect of consumption. You have to be willing to change your habits in order to increase your willpower. Roy Baumeister, social psychologist and author of ‘Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength,’ says ‘Self-control is how you change your responses, and willpower is an essential ingredient of that process.’If you can’t function in the morning without your trademark coffee, perhaps try less sugar? Baby steps.





Going cold turkey on sugar works for some, but not for all. Practice makes perfect. If you limit your sugar intake in stages you are more likely to maintain willpower rather than having short bursts of a ‘sugar detox’ usually resulting in binging.



Rid any temptations at home


Like I mentioned, temptations are everywhere but you can increase your willpower by ridding any sugary snacks you have in your cupboards. I am not suggesting wasting food but replacing them with alternatives will help cure your sweet cravings. Fruit is a great replacement as they are packed with nutrients and taste sweet. There’s more low in sugar/ sugar-free products than ever so it’s easier to check the labels for it’s sugar intake. Remember out of sight, out of mouth.



Sleep well


The most important tip of them all, sleep enough. A recent study conducted by the scientists from King’s College London have discovered that people who sleep for longer are less likely to pick sugary treats. KCL says ‘Sleep is a modifiable risk factor for various conditions including obesity and cardio-metabolic disease with some figures suggesting more than a third of adults in the UK are not getting enough sleep.’ Although the amount of sleep needed varys from one person to another, having a good bedtime routine benefits not only your sugar cravings but your overl health and wellbeing too.


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