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How To Boss Your Morning Workouts

Learn how to rise and grind

When you wake up it’s up to you to either seize the day or snooze your alarm. I know which one I’d rather do most of the time. However, sleeping in everyday won’t help reach your goals. It’s time to get up, recharge and rejuvenate your actions in order to start your morning productively. I hear a groan. I know it’s a tough thing to crack as it takes a lot of discipline and determination. There’s a reason why not everybody can master their mornings. You can with the help of my tips on how to boss your morning workouts.


How To Boss Your Morning Workouts - London Style Active


Cut the BS

Get up and move. How to boss your morning workouts starts by getting out of bed and moving your butt away from your sheets, before any excuses. Our body wants to function, it’s usually our minds that tell us no, not today. A tip is to have your alarm set far away from your bed. That way when it goes off you will need to move out of bed to turn it off. Result. You are up ready, rearing to go!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Imagine your body as a plant. Your body tends to be dehydrated in the morning, therefore it is craving water upon rising. Even if your brain is screaming COFFEE before functioning life, have a glass of water by your bedside ready to drink in the morning. Drinking water upon awakening helps to wake your body for the day and staying hydrated during your workouts is crucial. You’ll feel less groggy and more awake, ready to blossom and kick some butt at the gym.


Organise the night before

Juggling 100 things with toothpaste down you and hair lopsided (stylishly you say) whilst running out of the door? Sound familiar? Nobody likes to feel rushed in the morning. How about a stress free morning without throwing a paddy that your leggings doesn’t match your cute sports top. Get organising girl. Plan your gym outfit the night before, style something together that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Being organised helps clear your mind and improve your positivity. Plus you know what I am going to say, having nice activewear is always a gym motivator.


Boost your alarm ego

The sound of an alarm isn’t exactly a pleasant one, especially when you connote that noise to a negative mood upon awakening. A solution is to boost your alarm ego. Try changing your alarm tune to your favourite song or setting a phrase on your phone like, ‘get up lazy b*tch,’ which is my favourite and works like a charm!


Book a class

You are more enticed to back out of going to the gym early morning if you don’t have a plan of action. If you are someone who struggles with routines and not knowing what to do at the gym, perhaps book yourself in for a class. That way you are inclined to get your butt there otherwise you’ll lose your place and possibly money as well. Organising sessions with a friend or trainer is another great way to boss your morning workouts. You wouldn’t cancel on a friend for dinner so why treat it any different to working out. Book through your gym or class pass.


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