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How To Keep Fit Without Using A Gym

Don't have access to a gym? Find out other ways to keep fit

Keeping fit doesn’t always mean going to the gym. Depending on your goals, you can improve your fitness by lots of different ways without going to the gym. Sure, the gym is a great step to creating a healthy lifestyle but unfortunately it isn’t accessible to everyone. Now that the weather is getting (slightly) warmer, it’s time to put on your trainers and take your workout outdoors. Here’s my top tips on how to keep fit without using a gym.


How To Keep Fit Without A Gym - London Style Active





Running isn’t the crème da la crème for everyone but let’s not brush off it’s amazing benefits to our body. Not only are you burning calories but running helps to strengthen your knees, improves your blood pressure and helps create a healthy heart. With that in mind, running requires a lot of motivation, especially if you dread the idea every time your alarm goes off. Quit putting it off and wasting time on snooze. A way to make running more enjoyable is by having an awesome playlist. Running to your favourite songs can change the way you feel. It’ll keep you going when you feel like you should give up, you’ll feel positive and determined to run further. Another motivation tip is to run with a friend or as a group. If you are based in London, Nike organize a free running club every week for individuals of all levels to a variety of locations. Not only is this a fantastic (and free) way to keep fit but it also gives you the chance to make friends and support each other whilst working out.



Outdoor boot camp


Shudder at the thought of doing a boot camp with an ex-army sergeant barking instructions at you? Making healthy changes means getting outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes having a strict trainer can push you further than you think. I push myself harder when someone is shouting down my neck, however that isn’t the case for everyone. Check out your local boot camps or grab a group of mates and come up with your own circuits outdoors. Take advantage of stairs, benches and grassy areas. Being outdoors will not only improve your fitness but you’ll catch some vitamin D too!





So running and boot camps aren’t your forte, that’s fine because it’s important to start something that you will enjoy. Walking is a form of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State cardio) and there are many ways you can incorporate it into your lifestyle. Taking a tour around your neighbourhood, visiting your favourite park, walking pets, listening to a podcast, your favourite playlist or taking a phone call, are great ways to make your walk enjoyable.



At home workouts


There are many fitness DVDs and apps available to download. What makes them so beneficial is that you can do them whenever you want, plus in the comfort of your own home. Youtube is a key source for workout inspiration, proving that you don’t always need a gym to keep fit. Once you feel confident completing the home workouts, perhaps take it outside or in your garden to intensify your workout!





It’s all well and good breaking a sweat and putting in the work to your exercises, however it’s super important to keep hydrated. Your body depends on water to survive. If you are doing high intensity workouts you might be of a higher risk of dehydration. How much water you should be drinkingdepends on your body and the kind of activity you are doing. I would advise talking to your local GP if you have questions about the right amount of water to drink while exercising.


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