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Get Fitness Motivation With Boody

Get Fitness Motivation With Boody. Imagine treating yourself to new activewear that not only makes you look great but feels incredible on your skin too? Introducing Boody, an Australian company that designs beautiful activewear by using earth-friendly materials. Boody keeps comfort in mind, that’s why their activewear is made from bamboo. As an aspiring activewear designer, I dived further into finding out the benefits of bamboo and couldn’t resist sharing it with you – oo poet. Feeling comfortable in your activewear is the key to getting in a killer workout, it’s time to get fitness motivation with Boody.



Get Fitness Motivation With Boody - London Style Active



Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. An important benefit of bamboo fabric is that it’s great for the environment. Bamboo only needs rain water to grow. Infact bamboo requires only 130 glows of water to produce compared to 5,000 gallons to produce 2 pounds of cotton.

My first impression of wearing Boody’s set was how incredible the fabric felt against my skin, it felt like putting on really light cotton tights. Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier. Boody says, ‘Our viscose made from bamboo is blended with a touch of nylon and elastane to create a fabric that is superbly soft, stretchy and wrinkle-free. Boody is thermoregulating, breathable and eco-friendly.’



Get Fitness Motivation With Boody - London Style Active



Boody’s full black leggings have a luxurious soft feel, designed with a wide waistband that stays put (hallalujier), these leggings are crafted to the highest standards for both the planet and their customers. But… (only a small but) they didn’t give me the full coverage I needed during my leg workout. These beauties are fabulous for everyday wear and upper body training days, they do pass the squat test but only just. I am very conscious of see-through activewear so bare in mind that I have strict requirements when it comes to passing the squat test. Alas they make perfect leggings for running errands or as a layering piece for under long knits, dresses and tops. A perfect fit for you and for the planet.



Get Fitness Motivation With Boody - London Style Active



If you are looking for a comfortable low support bra, I couldn’t recommend Boody’s smooth and seamless sports bra enough. The bamboo fabric is a silky smooth base layer that keeps you cool and comfortable with seam-free stretch. Bamboo fibers are not chemically treated. These fibers are naturally smooth and round with no sharp spurs to irritate skin. I find this interesting because we don’t pay enough attention to the fabrics in our activewear and what it can do to our skin.

What I love about the sports bra is it’s low scoop back. I have never seen this in other activewear designs before and found it really flattering on. Like I said, great for upper body training days. Checking in those back gains. Furthermore, no need to worry about straps digging in, tricky fastenings or trouble putting it on, Boody’s sports bra delivers style and comfort like no other.



Get Fitness Motivation With Boody - London Style Active


Boody is passionate about our environment and the people who live in it, plus their activewear is incredible too. Find out more about where your clothes come from, how they’re made, and who is making here. Keep up to date with the eco-friendly Boody movement by following their Instagram.


Hope you liked my Boody activewear review. If you did then go ahead and check out my other gorgeous reviews that will help with fitness motivation. Please like/share and comment below any activewear brands you would like me to review next.


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