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How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Get your fitness mojo back with my motivating tips

Some people aren’t successful when it comes to their fitness goals because they stumble at the motivation hurdle. Finding motivation to workout fluctuates. Most days I feel super motivated, whilst others hardly at all. It’s normal! There isn’t much point beating yourself up about it because it’ll only make you feel worse. What you may find is that your motivation will come and go along your fitness journey, it’s part of the process. If you have lost the willpower to get your trainers on to workout, don’t fret, the struggle is real so without further ado here’s my tips on how to stay motivated to exercise.



How To Stay Motivated To Exercise - London Style Active


Allow yourself to be unmotivated 


Surprised by my answer? After 2 years of training, I’ve realised how important it is to take a break from the gym. It’s okay to feel unmotivated, even the most motivated people on the earth have their fair share of days feeling apathetic. Not only does it give your body time to rest, it allows yourself to recharge. What I mean by this is having the mental clarity to regenerate your fitness goals. It can be difficult to get back on the fitness bandwagon, sometimes more time is needed. Ultimately, you should do whatever feels right for you. I believe taking time to rest and reflect is a great way to stay motivated to exercise, as you are giving yourself a fresh starting point to succeed.



Create a different goal perspective


Frequently we can get caught up in our aesthetic goals, comparing our looks to progress, when actually theres more to be celebrated than what meets the eye. Instead of writing goals to get abs, lose stomach fat, build a booty etc, why not structure your goals to PRs? Want to squat heavier? Run faster? Smash your favourite fitness class? Master a pull up? All of these goals equal fitness. I get more satisfaction from beating my PR than seeing physical changes. Rewriting your goals to a different perspective to achieve PRs is another great way to stay motivated to exercise.  I like to treat my fitness goals as a mental challenge and the physical changes are the benefits.



Eat well


Your diet and fitness go hand in hand. I imagine my diet and exercise as a circuit. For example, eating wholesome meals makes me feel energetic, positive and strong. Eating well motivates me to work out and when I work out I release endorphins that make me feel incredible. Therefore, I want to repeat the circuit in order to feel good about myself. When you drink a smoothie, you feel good because you are putting vitamins and minerals into your body that are going to benefit your health. Think about how motivated you will feel to workout if you eat wholesome meals everyday!



Introduce someone to your favourite exercise


We all have exercises that we prefer more so than others. It’s important to find one that YOU love. A way to stay motivated to exercise is to workout with a friend or in a group. What’s more motivating than getting cheered on by fellow individuals who want you to succeed – better still if it’s your favourite exercise! Ask your gym or fitness instructor if you can bring a friend along to your next session. You’ll feel excited to workout with your friends rather than unmotivated on the couch.



Treat yourself 


Lastly but most importantly, new goals means new gear and by new gear I mean treating yourself to the trendiest activewear there is. Nothing screams motivation to me than treating myself to new activewear. Forever21 has some gorgeous colours and prints this season, check out my latest Forever 21 review to discover my favourites. You know by now that I believe in looking good and feeling good, activewear can do this to you! Looking for outfit inspiration? Here’s where you can find my trending activewear hot list and Instagram.


What are your favourite ways to get workout motivation? I would love to know your ideas. Comment below and share!


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