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Staying On Track Whilst On Holiday

Here's how to balance fitness on holiday

Staying on track whilst on holiday. The sun is shining; you’ve found the perfect beach spot and an appetizing daiquiri is on it’s way. The last thing you want to do right now is exercise. I get it. Even though I love to be on-the-go, there’s nothing better than relaxing whilst on holiday. That’s what holidays are all about right?

The idea of staying on track whilst on holiday is controversial. This isn’t about feeling guilty for relaxing on holiday, instead it’s about doing things that are going to make you feel happy. Exercise can be done almost anywhere and everywhere in different forms. If you are looking to get your workouts in whilst on holiday and know it’s going to make you feel good about yourself then do it, I have the best solutions for you.


Staying On Track Whilst On Holiday - London Style Active


Stay hydrated


Hydration is key, especially if you are basking in the sun. Not only are you helping your body’s fluids remove waste and lubricate your joints, by drinking a lot of water it also helps to improve your mood and brainpower. Whether you are exploring, hiking, swimming or laying by the pool, having a bottle of water with you will keep your body and mind happily hydrated.


Sunrise workout


I love the feeling of getting my workout done and dusted early. It starts my morning feeling positive and ready to take on the day. If you are an early bird, take your workout outside and watch the sunrise before everybody else heads to the beach. That way, you can enjoy a tranquil setting whilst getting your workout out of the way. Looking for different ways to keep fit? Check out my blog about How to keep fit without using the gym.


Prepare ahead


If you are working towards your fitness goals, you’ll know how important it is to plan and prepare in advance. Preparation to success can still be achieved whilst on holiday, you just need to pack the right things. Supplements, workout clothes, headphones and trainers are essentials for my holiday because if I feel like working out on holiday I don’t have any excuses because everything I need is with me. Find out what motivates you to work out and pack them in time for a stress-free holiday.


Be in the moment


You don’t need to be in a gym to workout. Or drenched in sweat to exercise. A big lesson I am learning is to focus on being in the moment rather than thinking of exercise. Going on walks whilst sight-seeing, evening strolls along the beach, these are a few examples of experiences that create memories whilst incorporating exercise. Coming from the person who is always go go go, there is absolutely no harm with slowing down your fitness regime on vacation. Walking is better than nothing at all.


Quit putting yourself down


Ultimately, you should always enjoy yourself whilst on holiday. If that means working out or not, I encourage you to do whatever is going to make you feel happy. I believe summer and being ‘bikini ready’ put tons of pressure on individuals to get into shape. What’s funny is that we all come in different shapes and sizes so what defines the summer ‘shape?’ Anywho, I could dive into a whole new blog post about being ‘bikini ready’ but for now lose the guilt and don’t let it ruin your holiday.



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