5 Ways For Choosing The Right Activewear - London Style Active

Guest Writer : Kay Ryde

Find out Kay Ryde's top tips for choosing the right acitvewear

5 ways for choosing the right activewear. Feeling uncomfortable in what you are wearing, not only makes you feel conscious of being uncomfortable but it can also affect your performance working out. It’s important to be mindful when choosing the right activewear. I try to pick materials that; feel light, are breathable, well ventilated, quick dry and stretchy.

This ensures that I can maximise my performance, as well as being able to move easily and keep at a bearable temperature. Everybody wants to feel satisfied with their workout, so why wouldn’t you wear things that are going to excel your achievements? Feeling comfortable in your activewear plays a leading role towards your self-esteem and confidence both in and out of the gym. That’s why I have come up with some helpful tips that I have learnt from my fitness journey, so get ready to smash your workouts in a functional style by my 5 ways for choosing the right actvewear.


5 Ways For Choosing The Right Activewear - London Style Active



Don’t sweat about it 


5 Ways For Choosing The Right Activewear - London Style Active


We all get sweaty whilst working out and we shouldn’t be embarrassed for it. However, being covered in sweat and your top sticking to your skin isn’t the most comforting of feelings – trust me I know. Sweaty solution? Opt for a fabric with built in technology, like a sweat wicking material which tends to draw sweat away from the body, thus cooling you down. Check the labels to find out what technology is incorporated.



Lose the VPL


5 Ways For Choosing The Right Activewear - London Style Active


When trying new activewear, you may feel conscious of a visible panty line (VPL). From experience, I know exactly how annoying it is, so the best thing to do is try before you buy. You will find that many brands/designs offer leggings which minimizes the threat of showing a VPL. Another alternative is buying underwear that decreases the look of a VPL. Read reviews, try beforehand and check to see if they pass the squat test, don’t let a VPL get in the way of your workouts.



Perfect fit


5 Ways For Choosing The Right Activewear - London Style Active


Just like I mentioned before, I believe it’s always best to try it on new activewear before buying. This ensures you the correct fit as you do not want to get to a workout class and find that your activewear is not the right size, such a dilemma! You want it to be well fitted in order to support you during a workout. Maximum support sports bras are great for doing high intensity workouts, you could have a little jump around in the fitting room to see how well it supports you! When trying on a pair of leggings you could do the squat test then you will be able to see how flexible they are and if it moves well with your body.



Invest in good quality


5 Ways For Choosing The Right Activewear - London Style Active


There are many gorgeous brands on the market offering great quality activewear. It’s essential to invest in activewear that will last, especially if you regularly workout. You don’t have to break the bank but it may be a matter of visiting different stores, seeking advice, researching on the internet and looking up reviews. That way you are bound to find activewear of good quality and appropriate to your requirements and specific to your workouts.



Find your style


5 Ways For Choosing The Right Activewear - London Style Active


Everybody wants to feel confident in what they wear, so choosing activewear that expresses style and sustainability is the key to unlocking a huge confidence boost.  There are so many options to choose, from different styles to colours and funky prints, you are bound to find something that matches your fashion. It dosen’t matter if nobody else is seen wearing it, that’s a plus right? Find activewear that you truly love, that works well for you and get ready to feel super motivated at the gym.



Kay is a wellness blogger and creator of Kayryde.com, who shares her passion for healthy food recipes as well as product reviews and an insight to her own personal fitness journey. It doesn’t matter what journey you are on, Kay aims to inspire others to pursue a healthy lifestyle, her inspiring blog is here for you. Keep up to dates with Kay’s latest blogs but following her Instagram and Facebook.



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