Get Fitness Motivation With Sellise - London Style Active

Get Fitness Motivation With Sellise

Want to know my latest activewear obsession? As you can probably tell, sorry not sorry for the Instagram spam, I have been wearing pieces from Sellise almost every gym session. Sellise is a brand that I discovered earlier this year by the gorgeous Amanda Finnie who has collaborated with David Coley, Founder, to produce activewear that beautifully merges fashion with functionality.

I have pieces from Sellise collection 1 and 2, so I thought what better way to get fitness motivation with Sellise than an honest review comparing the two. You lovelies know I am all about discovering new activewear, I believe a good gym outfit is the key to feeling confident and motivated to exercise. Keep reading to find out how you can get fitness motivation with Sellise.



Get Fitness Motivation With Sellise - London Style Active





Let’s talk colours. I love Sellise’s colour palate and the simplicity of their designs. Sometimes all you need is a classic matching set to do the trick. Season 1 consists of neutral tones classified as pearl blush, heather rose and (my favourite) dove grey. I like to mix n match tops and bottoms for different contrasts.



Get Fitness Motivation With Sellise - London Style Active



Even though most of the colours from season 1 discontinued, Sellise blossoms pastel tones like yellow, lilac and a classic black in season 2. What’s more, Sellise have added shorts and vests to the collection (silent cheer)! I ordered a size small in shorts and let me tell you something, these are definitely shorts for the booty. I ended up going up a size and in all honesty I still get a bit nervous walking about but #actconfidentandnobodywillquestion either way I love to poodle about wearing them around the flat and on holiday.





Sellise have revamped their materials, creating a super-soft ‘brushed cotton’ fabric that feels heavenly creamy against skin. You can notice a difference in fabrics in their latest collection compared to their first. Sellise season 1 is slightly thicker, great for the colder months, whereas their new leggings hug in all of the right places and don’t appear to crease as much at the knees, which is something I found whilst exercising.



Get Fitness Motivation With Sellise - London Style Active



If you are a fan of high waisted leggings (who isn’t) then you’ll be pleased to know that Sellise designs their high waistband for best fit and maximum comfort. Before you ask, of course they are squat proof!



Customer Service



Get Fitness Motivation With Sellise - London Style Active



Good customer service is important to me. If a brand is unhelpful, slow or rude, it’s very likely that I won’t choose to shop from them again. Sellise excels their customer service by having clear communication between themselves and their customers. I was kept in the loop about my order via emails and direct messages on Instagram. My pieces was packaged beautifully with a cute postcard that included a discount code for future purchases.

Additionally, the shorts I ordered were slightly too small, Sellise went above and beyond sending me a new pair of shorts straight away in a different size. It’s clear that Sellise put their customer’s needs first and their reassurance, as well as gorgeous designs, is what will keep me coming back for more!

Shop the latest from Sellise here and keep up to date by their beautiful Instagram.



Hope you liked my Sellise activewear review. If you did then go ahead and check out my other gorgeous reviews that will help with fitness motivation. Please like/share and comment below any activewear brands you would like me to review next.


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