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23 Things I Have Learnt Turning 23

I'm in the 23 club, check out what I've reflected the past year

This is my first blog post as a 23-year-old, (made it), and whilst on my commute to work I started to think about a few things. Firstly, how annoying it is when people don’t take that backpack off on a congested train. Secondly, how quick the past year has gone, definitely starting to sound more like my Mum. Lastly, the life lessons I have learnt from 22 to 23 years old. You might be thinking, ‘what possible life lessons could you be learning this early?’ I hope I am blessed with a long, healthy life ahead of me but I have already learnt a lot a about myself in a space of a year.

I have narrowed the list down so here’s my 23 things I have learnt turning 23.



23 things I have learnt turning 23 - London Style Active



1. Never apologize for being you

Why would you want to be anyone other than yourself? There’s nobody on this earth that is exactly the same as you. How amazing is that? YOU DO YOU.


2. I need a latch on my purse

It’s embarrassing how many times I have lost my purse. Luckily I have had it returned to me on each occasion, there’s a guardian angel out there somewhere!


3. Reading is awesome

This year I bought myself a kindle and probably was the best purchase I made being 22. I love to read, it makes me feel intelligent, alert, excited, engaged and good about myself.


4. Have a little bit of ‘you’ every day

Whether that is going for a walk, putting a facemask on, or having a cheeky spoonful of biscoff, little things go a long way.


5. Talk out loud

Anybody that knows me well (especially my roomie) knows that I occasionally have conversations with myself. Call me crazy but I love it. Sometimes you need to check in with yourself and that’s totally ok.


6. Your energy has an impact on others

I’m a big believe in thinking that your vibe attracts your tribe. The energy you bring to people will have an impact for better or worse.


7. Savings come and go

That’s why it’s called savings. Don’t feel bad for using your savings on things that you didn’t plan on saving for. Be proud of yourself for having the savings in the first place. You are not broke if you have to start fresh for your savings. Small amount each month WILL add up.


8. Sleep solves A LOT

Prioritising your sleep does not make you a Grandma. You need sleep to think more clearly. It helps create a different headspace for you.


9. You have to love yourself before you love anybody else

How can you expect someone to truly love you if you don’t love yourself. Self-love is easier said than done but 100% possible even if it’s a tiny improvement a day.


10. A bad day is only 24 hours

Write it off. There is always someone going through worse things than you. I don’t know your personal struggles but it’s something that I tell myself whenever I’m having a bad day and it helps me to move on and think more positively.


11. Allow yourself to be interested in other things beside your passion

In my spare time I love learning about History, especially American history including American civil rights movement, civil war, slavery and gangsters. Absolutely nothing to do with what I’m passionate about but I still love it as an escape.


12. Stop saying sorry

Brits have a big reputation for being overly polite, I once counted how many times a day I said sorry for no reason and the result astonished me. Since then I am aware of when it’s appropriate to say sorry and actually mean it.


13. Complimenting others compliments yourself

Passing a compliment to someone might just make their day a whole lot better. At the same time it will make you feel good, win win situation.


14. Nobody has a clue what they are doing

Even though it may look like someone off from social media has their life together, trust me we are ALL in this muddled boat together. I’d love to know someone in their early twenties who has never once asked themselves ‘what the f**k am I doing with my life.’


15. Time away from the gym isn’t failing

It’s called resting and our body needs it!


16. Kale and soy sauce is legit

Fry some a bunch of kale with coconut oil, sprinkle soy sauce and wallah, the best combination I discovered being 22.


17. Turn your flaws into positives

Instead of saying ‘Sorry I’m so late, I’m an idiot’ try ‘Thanks for being patient and waiting for me’ This is just an example but the power of words can help change the perception you have of yourself for the better.


18. You are stronger than you think

Inside and out of the gym, you’ll never know your full potential until you push yourself hard enough.


19. An obsession for popcorn

sweet n salty popcorn is my favourite thing to eat and I’m talking a huge bag a day. Obsessed.


20. Embrace your inner child

There’s a difference between acting immature or childish. Why not play ‘floor is lava’ in the middle of a supermarket or randomly break into a dance when you hear your favourite song. Life is too short to be serious 24/7.


21. Fear of failure is normal but don’t let it stop you

It’s like humans are programmed to be scared of failing. Your setback will turn into a comeback. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyze you from playing the game.


22. Girl time is prime time

If you have a close group of girls, be there for them just as much as they are for you. You best friends are there to lift you up, inspire, motivate, make you laugh, solve problems, give advice, and so much more.


23. Make effort with those that make effort with you

If they don’t, life it too short wasting time trying to be liked and accepted by everyone. Rise above and remain true to you.



There you go lovelies, 23 things I have learnt turning 23. I could certainly write a lot more but I hope these are relatable and help bring to life some lessons that you have learnt or are trying to teach yourself.


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