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4 Ways To Boost Self Confidence

Inspired by body positive advocate, Victoria Spence, here's my tips for boosting self esteem

This week I have been hooked on Victoria Spence’s blog. If you don’t know Victoria then get to know because her story is inspiring thousands worldwide to emphasise body positivity and confidence. From battling an eating disorder to spreading a body positive message to help others realise their worth, Victoria is making a difference to almost 90,000 people online towards the way they see their bodies. Complete babe!

As well as being a co-fonder for the global movement #Girlgains, BBC Podcast Host, Youtuber and lifestyle influencer, Victoria shares her passion for self love and healthy tips on her blog. Her latest post, Accepting the girl in the mirror, caught my eye and inspired me to write something similar. Self love is hard and I’ve learnt that it needs brushing up every single day, but the small changes can help create a positive impact. Here’s 4 ways to boost self confidence. 



4 ways to boost self confidence - London Style Active



Affirm yourself 


It’s scary how quickly we can pull ourselves apart. There are voices that tell us in order to be happy we must change x,y and z about ourselves and if you start believing in them then their influence gets stronger. Build a thicker skin, tell them to stop. Easier said than done, but something I like to do is tell myself (outloud: affirmations are awkward AF but do help) that I am fine. I have a body. My body. It’s mine and it’s stronger than you think. Come up with strong words will help you build a thicker skin, like a barrier building against the harsh voices telling you otherwise.



Wear something bright 


Your clothes can affect the way you portray yourself. Sure, most of us would love to wear yoga pants and baggy jumpers all day every day, but sometimes this can make us feel slumpy and unmotivated. Put together an outfit that is going to make you feel good. Whether it’s something new, bright, your go-to outfit, or something out of your comfort zone, a well put together outfit can boost your confidence in minutes.



Dance like nobody is watching 


Or dance like you are on stage or in a music video! Music has a massive influence on my confidence, I have a playlist ready for whenever I feel unmotivated. It includes all of my favourite songs that I love to dance to. It might seem like the last thing you want to do but dancing to your favourite songs not only boosts your confidence but releases endorphins too!



Talk to someone


Even if you feel weak telling someone, silly for thinking of it in the first place or even embarrassed, letting someone close to you know how you feel about yourself is really important. The likelihood is that what you think is wrong about your body is something that others love and envy about you. It might be a text or a phone call, I can always count on my best friends and family to boost my confidence. They are there for you just how you are for them. If you don’t feel like you have anyone to talk to, download The Girl Gains : Fit & Fearless podcast, there’s three inspiring ladies waiting for you.



Like I mentioned before, self love takes time and a lot of work. My style of writing is informal, light hearted and chatty because I want my content to be relatable and real. I am not comparing body confidence and self esteem to something that is light hearted because I know it’s not a quick fix. However, I love sharing to you my personal tips that help boost my self esteem, with hope that it can inspire you too.



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