Fit For Life – Not Just For A ‘Summer Body’

Here's my top tips for making fitness a lifestyle rather than a summer fling

Pumpkin spiced lattes and Christmas cards creeping on shelves can only mean one thing; winter is coming. Have your dressing gown at the ready, fluffy socks too, Netflix series on hand and while you’re at it, a pint of B&J’s cookie dough! We are officially entering hibernation mode.

So, what happens now? Fitness is only for the summer? Next year I’ll achieve my ‘summer body.’ I have heard conversations like this on a daily basis. Even though you’ll find myself less likely to go for a run in the rain rather than a beautiful summers day, I cannot express how important it is to make your fitness and health an all year-round occasion. Unlike whats-their-face from holiday, your fitness isn’t a summer fling. You can still achieve your fitness goals all year round and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe it’s about consistency, dedication, keeping it fun and trying different things – becoming fit for life, not just for a ‘summer body.’



Fit For Life - Not Just For A 'Summer Body' - London Style Active




Goodbye ‘summer body?’


Your body is with you 24/7, not seasonal. Fitness is part of a healthy lifestyle rather than a step to becoming ‘summer body ready.’ Your health is far more important than that bikini pic, you need to take care of your body consistently. It’s the only one you’ve got.



Train for something


You’ll be surprised by how many runs, courses and events are available to attend throughout the winter. Pick something that will help motivate you to stay consistent with your fitness. Whether that’s a charity sports event, obstacle course or even a marathon, sign yourself up (or even better) drag a friend along too so you can support each other’s fitness journey.



Praise the small improvements


Doesn’t matter how small the goals may seem, congratulating yourself for improvements will help reinforce a snowball effect of positive encouragement. Keep it simple but not too simple otherwise you’ll become bored and less likely to notice results.



Keep it fun


Motivation to workout tends to drop during the winter. Climbing under the covers is far more appealing than climbing hills during spin, I get it. Although, there is a way to boost your motivation and that is finding something you enjoy. Perhaps it’s time to try new exercises or activities that are going to keep you excited to workout as well as fit. It could be something random like a new sport, what have you got to lose?



Move your body


If the thought of stepping outdoors gives you chills, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can still get a sweat on in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of resourceful websites online that supply home workouts, YouTube being a hit! FIITis like Netflix but fitter! Find out how you can create a boutique studio in your living room by selecting a trainerthat’s best for you and your goals.



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