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5 Morning Workout Tips That Actually Work

It's time to boss your morning workouts with my tips that will actually help

How many times have we told ourselves that tomorrow morning is the time where we start working out?

We’ve gone to bed feeling good and motivated until… the alarm goes off. Snooze.

We’ll try again tomorrow morning.

Let me tell you something, working out in the morning is going to test you. It’ll test your willpower and determination to leave your beloved bed but when you do you will find that the toughest part of morning workouts tends to be in fact… getting up. Solution?

Here’s 5 morning workout tips that actually work and will actually get you out of bed to workout!

5 Morning Workout Tips That Actually Work - London Style Active

Have a glass of water beside your bed

No this isn’t a magical potion to get your legs moving and grooving, nor is it coffee (awh – sorry for the disappointment). However, drinking water upon waking helps to wake your body for the day and keeps you hydrated during your workouts. Keep a glass or bottle by your bedside, take a few large gulps upon waking and let your body rehydrate.

Organize the night before

First things first, organise your bags the night before. This is crucial to making the transition from your bed to your front door as quick as possible. Nobody has time to faff about and what tends to happen is procrastination. Spend a few minutes before bed to have everything packed and laid out for you, including: work clothes, deodorant, activewear, headphones, food, etc. Tip: hang your activewear on the radiator if your heating comes on in the morning, ready for action!

Boost your alarm

The sound of an alarm isn’t exactly a pleasant one, especially when you connote that noise to a negative mood upon awakening. A solution is to boost your alarm. Try changing your alarm tune to your favourite song or even better, move your alarm further way from reach. That way you have to get out of bed to turn it off, problem solved.

Book a class

You wouldn’t want to lose your place, potentially money, because you couldn’t make your class? Classes are a great motivator to get up early to workout. Organising sessions with a friend or trainer also helps to boss your morning workouts. You wouldn’t cancel on a friend for dinner so why treat it any different to working out. Book through your gym or use fitness booking apps like RIG and class pass.

Get excited for something

Can you tell I’m a morning person… Whether it’s finding a new workout playlist, testing out your latest trainers or wearing your favourite activewear set, getting excited for something will help you achieve a morning workout. Even if it’s knowing you have avocado and eggs waiting for you afterwards, picture something (could be anything) that will give you that positive boost to do something good for yourself. You’ve got this!

If you are struggling to boss your morning workouts, give these tips a try and let me know if they work for you!

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