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Best Places To Brunch In Amsterdam

Looking for brunch in the heart of Amsterdam? Here are my favourites

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world and I have just come back from my weekend trip, making it my 8th visit! What I love most is their quirky, laid-back brunch culture.

I discover new gems each time I go so here are a few of my absolute favourites when it comes to finding the best places to brunch in Amsterdam.

Mook Pancakes

Best Places To Brunch In Amsterdam - London Style Active

The best pancakes I have ever had. Literally. If you are a pancake lover too then you must head to Mook Pancakes, located in west and central Amsterdam. Even though they aren’t the traditional dutch pancakes, expect a delicious combination of healthy (which are still delicious) and original pancake recipes. My favourite is The Blue Magic; Canadian maple syrup, coconut shavings, blueberries and I add a side of peanut butter. Attention: they do not hold back on the PB!

Still not convince? Look at their mouth watering gallery here.

The Avocado Show

Best Places To Brunch In Amsterdam - London Style Active
Instagram – @theavocadoshow

Despite the obvious, The Avocado show is a cozy brunch spot that specialises in, you’ve guessed it, the fruit that finally made it to our emoji keyboard! With a menu bursting with dishes like Tropicana bowl, Avo garden and classic avocado on toast, it’s an avo-addicts dream come true. I’d suggest getting there early or be willing to wait because it does have a reputation of queues, sometimes with a longevity of 1.5 hrs!

Avo look at their menu here.


Best Places To Brunch In Amsterdam - London Style Active
Instagram – @plukamsterdam

Bundled in the 9 streets area of Amsterdam, Pluk offers more than just a pastry, here you’ll find a cosy atmosphere to brunch and shop. Shop?! Yes, if you head downstairs Pluk sells gorgeous gift items, jewellery and homeware. Back to the food, if you are looking for the healtheir option for brunch then Pluk is the place to be. From tasty juices, smoothie bowls, raw deserts, brunch specialities and heavenly coffee, it’s the perfect destination if you happen to be strolling along the area.

Check out their beautiful Instagram feed here.

The Cold Pressed Juicery

Best Places To Brunch In Amsterdam - London Style Active

If you are looking for a little pick me up or perhaps a starter before your brunch (girl gotta eat) then I would highly recommend popping into The Cold Pressed Juicery. They are located in different parts of Amsterdam so you are bound to come across one whilst strolling the beautiful city. Pop in for a nutritious cold pressed juice or give their superfood smoothies a go, with names like ‘The Sh*t’ and ‘The Sinner’ you’ll be mad to miss out. As well as this they also cater healthy on the go brunch recipes like overnight oats and smoothie bowls.

I am obsessed with their Instagram page here.

Coffee & Coconuts

If you are after an Instagram picturesque environment for brunch (who isn’t these days) then look no further. Introducing, Coffee and Coconuts, a former cinema built in the roaring 20s now turned hipster brunch spot, where you can enjoy all sorts of organic delights. What’s more they serve all day breakfast, smoothies, home-made sweets and drinks that can take you in the evening.

Loco for coco? Discover more here.

Bakers & Roasters

Instragram – @bakersandroasters

If you googled ‘Amsterdam brunch spots’ you’ll find Bakers & Roasters at the top of everybody’s list and there’s a good reason why! B&R is a New Zealand style café served with a heavy dose of Brazil so you can expect scrumptious combinations of the two. Whilst overcoming their phenomenal egg dishes, sip on their speciality lattes or take a bite out of their wonderful selection of cakes.

Catch yourself drooling here.

If you are heading to Amsterdam anytime soon, take my brunch guide with you and stop off at some of my favourite places to eat in the beautiful city. I know you will not be disappointed.

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