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Top Fitness Myths – Busted!

From skinny teas to excessive crunches, it's time for the truth

What I love about the fitness industry is that everybody has an opinion. Everybody and their dog has a different approach to working out and how we should be achieving results. One thing might work for some but not for others, there’s a wide variety of different strategists to help you find a style of training that suits you.

What I can’t stand is the BS we hear from certain professionals and companies within the industry and trust me, there’s a lot! From skinny teas to excessive crunches, here’s my top fitness myths – busted!

Top Fitness Myths - Busted! - London Style Active

Crunches = six pack

Only in a perfect world right?! When I was younger, the time I spent doing crunches with hopes of getting visible abs is embarrassing. You don’t want to know. That’s because, there are many factors that influence the appearance of our abdominals, the biggest ones being our diet, genetics and core. Low body fat is an important component of a visible six-pack, so no matter how many crunches you do, if you aren’t following a smart diet to lower body fat then your hard work at the gym is little to zero help.

Skinny teas will help you lose weight

Instead you’ll be left with sensitive digestion, sleeping problems, potentially an affected relationship with your body and food and the need to poop every hour. The list is endless. Note to younger self: DO your research and IGNORE the celebrities promoting it.

Protein bars over a rich in protein meal

We all like a quick fix and something to grab on the go, because it’s convenient. Protein bars cater to this and some, healthier than others, do provide a pinch of nutrition. However, regular meals that include wholesome ingredients have advantages over protein bars. Just like how a protein shake isn’t going to give you muscles, a protein bar isn’t either. I now opt for having a protein rich meal prepped and ready for you that includes better nutrition rather than ‘dietary supplements’ ingredients and a ton of sugar.

More gym time the better

Perhaps it was the daily scoops of bikini model fitspos and bodybuilding vlogs I was consuming that made me think more gym time the better. The word rest was foreign to me. I was not competing, yet I was comparing my lifestyle to those who were. Our bodies NEED to rest and it’s just as important as working. It’s a fundamental part to let our bodies recover to build strength, endurance, and muscle. Whenever you feel like you need to make up for lost time, listen to your body and allow your self to recharge. Last thing you want is a stressed body inside and out.

Lifting weights make women bulky

I am my own hypocrite because when I first started going to the gym I used to say this too. I’m glad lifting weights is becoming more apparent to women and “trendy” on social media. Lifting weights has so many health benefits, both physically and mentally. NO IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY. Plus the term ‘bulky’ is subjective, what I see as muscular might not be somebody’s else’s representation. Gaining muscle mass doesn’t happen over night. Some women might gain muscle mass easier than others, either way it depends heavily on the individual’s biochemistry, diet, volume of training or contribution of steroids. Lifting an extra 5kg will help improve your strength not neccasarily your muscle mass.

It’s easy to believe things online. The fitness industry is a huge money-making phenomenon and although it’s great to listen to experts, don’t forget to read through the lines and reach out to other people’s opinions and knowledge when in doubt.  There are lots of other fitness myths to be busted. 

Who would like to see a part 2? Comment below lovelies. 

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