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How to get over embarrassing moments at the gym

If you thought yours was tough, check out these confessions

If I had a pound for every time I had unwittingly embarrassed myself at the gym (still counting), your gal would be a millionaire. You might be thinking ‘can’t be that bad,’ nah uh, I’m talking face planting treadmills, peeing my pants and awkward AF sweat stains!

The gym is a minefield of accidents waiting to happen. Doesn’t matter how careful you are, I’m certain everybody has a moment they wish they could forget – if they don’t then they are lying! I asked on my instagram for some juicy confessions, here’s how to get over embarrassing moments at the gym.

Boob-urpe nightmare

I was smashing out burpees then, whilst going into a press, suddenly my sports bra rolled under and before I realised, my boobs were out!

And that’s why there needs to be more supportive bras accessible for all variations of exercise and intensities. Most likely, nobody noticed because most of the time people are so focussed and caught up on looking at themselves, an accidental nip slip wouldn’t have battered an eyelid. Wearing activewear that feels comfortable and supports you is key to getting a great workout in. I’m such a fan of Reebok’s PureMove sports bra, it’s a masterpiece and supports me both inside and outside of the gym.

Forgetting to bring kit

I forgot my leggings for a spin class and had to do it in my work tights.

Anybody else packed everything under the sun but their gym kit? Instead of calling it off, you tend to find yourself reasoning a solution. Can I get away with no shoes? What about turning my work top inside out? We’ve all done it. Try packing your gym bag the night before, or opting for the bike right at the back.

Failing to impress

There’s a fit guy at my gym and he was on the treadmill beside me, so I started upping my speed on my treadmill, so much so that I couldn’t keep up and had to stop seconds later. Red faced and panting like a dog, he was not impressed!

Stay in your lane girl! A spice of motivation isn’t going to harm yourself but going above and beyond your ability is! Who cares if you aren’t running fast enough? You are at the gym for a reason, to work on YOU.

Poor spatial awareness

Kicking someone whilst doing cable kick backs.

Don’t sweat about it, it’s 9/10 the person’s fault for getting in the way. As long as you have checked over your shoulder beforehand, got enough space, then you are good to go!

Passing gas

I accidentally farted really loud in a quiet gym and I know people heard because I could see them laughing. I wanted to ground to swallow me.

Look, these things happen. The best way to get over it is to simply get over it. Forget about it. Just like how Mariah Carey claimed she didn’t know who Jennifer Lopez was, act like it never happened. Rip it off like a band aid. Keep it moving, we are all human.

I hope you enjoyed reading these embarrassing moments, don’t forget we all have them and life’s too short to be sweating about the small stuff. Get it off your chest, comment below your embarrassing gym moment.

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