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Should you ask your gym crush out?

The gym a great way to meet someone?

Crushes can appear anywhere. They are cute, harmless (most of the time) and give us that giddy feeling we felt back at school. Aw. Crushes can flourish in any environment, even the gym.

The gym is a place to better you, nobody should come between that. However, a little oomph of motivation from someone that’s caught your eye isn’t going to harm is it? One of the best things about having a gym crush is that they can spark your motivation to workout. It’s like they have this power that makes you increase the speed on your treadmill, coincidentally as they walk past. Funny that. I met my boyfriend at the gym, so I know this gym crush malarky from first hand experience.

So you’ve got a gym crush, or few. Should you ask your gym crush out? It’s debatable, here’s some helpful do’s and dont’s when it comes to making a move at the gym.

Should you ask your gym crush out? - London Style Active

DO: workout for you

Let’s get one thing straight. It’s great seeking motivation from someone and who’s to say no to eye candy at the gym? Ultimately, you are working out for you and only you. It’s important to understand that you are making the decision to turn up to the gym for your own purposes, not because a certain someone might be there too.

DO: keep your eyes peeled

Wait a minute scary eyes, rein it in but do keep an eye out for body language. Eye contact is a great way to find out if the other person likes to be approached or not. Scenarios that pop into my head, catching each other at the water fountain, working out respectively close by, or walking past. Also, don’t be offended if they didn’t notice you, your crush could be deep in the workout zone.

DO: Pluck up the courage

Asking someone out can be daunting, especially when you aren’t behind a screen (eye roll). You need to time it right. Nobody wants to be interrupted during their sets, it will create the wrong tone. Use common sense when plucking up the courage to approach them. Perhaps you are already in conversation, or finished your workouts together, it’s all about good timing.

Should you ask your gym crush out? - London Style Active

Don’t: Play it safe

If you are waiting for that perfect moment to ‘accidentally’ bump into your crush and romantically lock eyes then you need to sit at home and watch American high school Romcoms. It doesn’t exists. There is no romantic valor in playing it safe. Also, in my opinion, rule out chat up lines. Unless that’s your thang and you have a high success rate, cool. Instead, share knowledge on an exercise or ask to work in-between sets.

Don’t: overthink it

If you are going to ask someone out at the gym, keep it short and sweet. You can plan what you are going to say but let’s be real, the gym is filled with distractions. You don’t want to be mid speech and suddenly another person butts in asking if you are finished with the mat. Get straight to the point.

Don’t: Be embarrassed

What’s the worst situation? It doesn’t go the way you wanted. So what? You gave your gym crush a compliment and you practiced confidence, simply smile the next time you see each other. Loose the attitude, don’t panic and keep things moving. Dating is a process of plucking courage, taking a risk, vulnerability and, at times, being let down. Be proud of making the move, regardless of the outcome.

I want to hear your gym crush stories.

Did you approach them or leave it as a fantasy? Comment below lovelies.

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