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6 sneaky ways to fit workouts into your busy schedule

Find out how to manage time to squeeze in your workouts

We all know how tricky it is to fit everything into one agenda. Work and social life balance? Is there really such a thing? Sometimes we spend so much energy cramming in as much as we can that when it comes to prioritising exercise, it feels like yet another activity to add to the list.

Arranging your workouts doesn’t have to be stressful, in fact there are lots of great ways you can make sure you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, without having to compromise anything.

Here’s 6 sneaky ways to fit workouts into your busy schedule.

Seriously consider getting up earlier

Shudder at the thought of early morning workouts? If you aren’t a morning person, it’s going to test your willpower and determination but exercising in the morning is doable! Plan your workout, clothes and food the night before so that you aren’t wasting time. And remember, shorter sessions are still great! Even if it’s 10-15 minutes in before work, watch how it’ll transform your day!

Find express lunchtime classes

Want to make the most of your lunch break? If blurry-eyed early morning workouts and late night sessions don’t appeal to you then find an express fitness class near you. Sessions usually run for 30 mins, that way you can get an efficient workout in and still make it back to your desk on time.

Use your commute

Live a few miles away from the office? Consider walking, cycling or into work a few times per week. Not only will you burn more calories, but the extra movement could help you feel positive and productive ready to start your day. I have started walking to work a few days during the week and have noticed a huge improvement to my mood and you’ll be surprised by how many steps you can get in.

Bring a friend along

Juggling work with a social life can be a mission, let alone including an exercise regime. Contemplate working out with your friend for the best of both worlds. Essentially you are spending time with your friend whilst breaking a sweat and improving your fitness. It’s a perfect combo.

Be more efficient

If only there was enough time in the day to fit everything in. However, not every workout has to be an hour-long workout session. You have to make do with what you can do and if that’s 20 mins then make it efficient. Workouts like HIIT, Tabata, or circuit training, are great ways to get your heart pumping fast.

Join a 24hr gym

If you are really struggling to fit workouts into your busy schedule, then wallah, join a gym that has 24hr access. I used to work night shifts and would struggle to find a gym that wasn’t about to close before my shift started or wasn’t open early morning once I had finished. Luckily, there are many 24hr gyms available so you can fit in your workouts anytime you want.

I hope you enjoyed my 6 sneaky ways to fit workouts into your busy schedule. Remember it doesn’t matter how long your workout is, as long as you use your time efficiently, you’ll feel amazing for doing so.


  1. …and also, to add up to the motivation pick up your favorite workout apparel and hit the gym in style and lots more confidence. Great post!

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