The best workout leggings I swear by - London Style Active

The best workout leggings I swear by

Are you wearing the correct leggings for you

If you are a legging fanatic like me (what are jeans) then you’ll know how important it is to find the best ones that’ll benefit your style and performance. Thanks to the phenomenon of athleuisre, workout leggings are popping from your favourite high street to Sport Luxe brands. However, with more brands jumping on the athleisure trend, annoyingly, you’ll find leggings that lack quality and support. Today, there are more options than ever when it comes to workout leggings. From running, barre, yoga or not doing any of things, there’s a pair of workout leggings out for you.

Here are the best workout leggings I swear by. 

For training

The best workout leggings I swear by - London Style Active

Anybody else obsessed with Reebok recently? Especially their latest campaign ‘Break The Standard.’ The campaign encourages ALL women to support each other in a beautiful force that resonates nobody but their unapologetic self. Plus, the prints are stunning! I have their dance mesh leggings in black. Crafted from recycled stretch material infused with Speedwick technology for moisture management, the wide waistbands features an anti-abrasion back panel which makes them fit comfortably whilst working out. Not a fan of mesh? I wasn’t too until I tried these. The mesh detail is so subtle yet flattering, great if you are looking to jazz up your leggings. 

Reebok – £37.95

For comfort

The best workout leggings I swear by - London Style Active

You cannot go wrong with Lululemon Align leggings. Yes they are super expensive but trust me, every penny spent is worth the money honey. I used to think it was ridiculous spending that much on leggings, seriously how much?! But… once you put them on, feel how buttery soft they are and catch your silhouette in the mirror, oh hey booty! Designed to minimize distractions and maximize comfort, these lightweight pants give you full freedom to move. Comfort like no other!

Lululemon – £88.00

For style

The best workout leggings I swear by - London Style Active

Sometimes (cough) I mean 99% of the time I wear workout leggings minus the exercise. Tell me who is comfortable running errands in anything but leggings? Mate lunch date, leggings. Walking the dog, leggings. You get the idea, leggings are life! These Venus Marl Grey leggings from NeuApparel are my go-tos for adding effortless style to my look. Throw on an oversized jumper, white trainers and you’ve finessed a workout.

NeuApparel – £30.00

For actually staying up

I don’t want to have to keep pulling my leggings up after every squat, that’s why one of the main things I look for in leggings is it’s waistband. These gorgeous Jade super burst leggings from Lilybod are designed to hug your figure throughout any workout intensity, thanks to it’s unique 4-way stretch premium fabric. If I’m doing a HIIT class I know I can count on my Lilybod leggings to support me and stay in place through to the very end.

Lilybod – £52.00

Have you tried these leggings? It’s important to find leggings that will support your performance as well as adding style to your workouts. Comment below your favourite leggings!

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