What's in my gym bag - without fail! - London Style Active

What’s in my gym bag – without fail!

Find out the essentials I need for the gym

Who remembers the days of only turning up to the gym with your headphones and membership card? Today, we are fitting in workouts before and after work, sometimes in between meetings, so it’s important to have all of your essentials packed ready for any occasion. I can’t be the only one who’s speculated putting sweaty underwear back on or going commando to the office?! That’s what happens when you aren’t packing the right essentials to the gym.

Now I like to check my gym bag is always filled with my essentials, fresh knickers check, to make sure I am feeling my best post workout. Here’s what’s in my gym bag – without fail!

Laundry bag

What's in my gym bag - without fail! - London Style Active

A great way to minimize my use of plastic waste is to bring my laundry bag. Not only is it keeping my sweaty post-workout gear together, without spreading bacteria in my bag, but it’s better for the environment too.


Hair texturiser

What's in my gym bag - without fail! - London Style Active

Every gym goer will understand the post-workout hair situation. Do I have time to wash my hair? Can I get away with it being greasy? How many days can I pull off French plaits? If you are looking for a quick and easy way to revamp your hair after working out, get to know Beached. For an effortless, surf-swept look without that gritty, crunchy feel, spray this all-natural hair texturiser into damp hair, tie in a bun, give it ten mins and wallah, untie your hair and enjoy hydrated waves that actually hold. What’s more, the bottle is eco-friendly and only made using recycled plastic.

Beached – £18.95


What's in my gym bag - without fail! - London Style Active

AKA the holy grail to my gym sessions. Without any music, the gym is a struggle for me. You can’t beat working out to your favourite tunes, it’s a huge motivator for me. That’s why it’s so important to pack my headphones in my gym bag. I use Apple earphones but have tried Libratone’s TRACK+ wireless earphones at a press event and wow what a difference! Made with a stylish and lightweight design, great sound, and tons of clever features, it’s made for music on the move. My favourite part? No more mini tantrums of untangling your headphones, Libratone’s earphones are tangle free!

Amazon – £169.00

Face & body scrub

What's in my gym bag - without fail! - London Style Active

Our skin goes through a lot when we exercise, your skin needs hydrating and balancing. I am a massive fan of UpCircle’s Coffee Face Scrub Citrus, it gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving my skin smooth and clean. It’s rosehip oil and shea butter moisturises the skin post-scrub, ensuring a rejuvenated complexion.

UpCircle – £12.99


Yes I am a moisturiser fanatic, so a tub of moisturiser is an essential in my gym bag. What I love using right now is Mio Skincare’s Future Proof Body Butter. Packed with natural active ingredients, Future Proof Body Butter gives a rich and luxurious texture, without leaving sticky marks on your clothes. Perfect if you need to make a dash back to work.

Mio Skincare – £30.00

Post-workout snack

Refuelling myself with a nutritious meal after working out is crucial. However, what about the time between leaving the gym and cooking a meal? That’s when Missfits Nutrition comes in handy, especially their protein wonder balls. This delicious snack contains 10g protein with 75% fewer sugars than competitors. Perfect for on-the-go! Try for yourself and pop in code MOLLY5 to get a cheeky discount. 

Missfitsnutrition – MOLLY5 (discount)

More essentials

Without my gym bag starting to sound like something Mary Poppins carries, there are obviously other staple items that I take with me to the gym. Water bottle, workout sheet, padlock, clean underwear, socks, flip flops (shower use), deodorant, anti-bacteria wipes (to wipe down my headphones/phone), hairbrush and loungewear to get changed into (if I’m training after work.)

There you go, that is a round up of what’s in my gym bag – without fail! What do you like to take with you for a workout? Comment below your gym essentials.

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