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Underwear mistakes you are probably making at the gym

Fix up these common undie blunders before it’s too late

There’s a good chance we put more thought into our gym clothes than our underwear. I know what you are thinking… ‘well I’m not walking Victoria Secret’s show, why does it matter?’ Trust me, it does. Turns out, wearing the wrong underwear whilst working out can be a health risk and increase the chances of yeast infections.

Do you pay attention to the underwear you choose to workout in? It’s time to take consideration to your lady parts before things get icky.
Pay attention, these are the underwear mistakes you are probably making at the gym.  

Sizing down

The tighter your underwear is, the more sweat, moisture and bacteria there is to disperse. Yuk! If your underwear feels restricted then you are probably wearing the wrong size, try sizing up on your bottoms to reduce the risk of trapping sweat down there.

Not wearing sweat wicking fabric 

Want to know what bacteria loves the most? Dark areas. With that in mind, you should stay clear from Nylon as it’s entirely synthetic. Alarmingly, nylon is likely to be found in most trendy sportswear so make sure you check your garms. Instead, opt for moisture-wicking and breathable synthetic fabrics like cotton and bamboo that help retain the excessive moisture that doesn’t evaporate from the skin.

Sticking to thongs

Gross but think about it. E. Coli bacteria is more likely to prowl from your crack to your vagina wearing a thong. But who wants panty lines? This leaves you in a sticky situation, pardon the pun. Find a cotton pair that fits well and change them once you have finished your workout. Which leads me swiftly onto… 

Post-workout underwear 

Let’s not act like we haven’t skipped a shower after working out before? I get it. You’d prefer to shower once you are home, but then you cook some food, have a sit down, one thing leads to another and it’s been hours since you washed. Bacteria is having a field day! That’s plenty of time for sweat to turn into bacteria which can cause infections, not to mention bad odour. Protect your goods, doesn’t have to be a pamper show, a quick washdown of water will do. 

Besides giving thongs a miss, sorry thong lovers, it won’t be hard to undo these gym underwear mistakes. You’ll find plenty of choices out there that look great, feel comfy and won’t damage your health.
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