How to workout when all you want to do is hibernate -

How to workout when all you want to do is hibernate

Here's how to break hibernation mode

Let’s set the scene. Warm bed, cosy socks, Netflix series at the ready (they say its a big, rich town) and a hot choccy at arms reach, we are entering hibernation mode and it feels so good. However, curling up on the couch (as tempting as it sounds) throughout winter isn’t going to keep you active. I’m not just referring to your physical state but mentally too.

Hibernating has it’s benefits, with the lack of light, our energy levels are low so we do need to recharge our batteries and give in to letting go. Although, sleeping away the winter isn’t going to motivate you to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So how can you trade in your slippers for trainers? Here’s exactly how to workout when all you want to do is hibernate.

How to workout when all you want to do is hibernate -

Have a wicked playlist ready

Music is powerful and a moo-hassive motivator for me when it comes to getting my butt out of bed. Find a playlist that is uplifting to you, download new songs to have ready for your workout. Play your favourite tunes out loud as you get yourself ready to exercise, if you have a motivating playlist going it’ll guarantee to get you hyped to workout.

Book yourself into a class

Would you rather stay in bed or loose your place (potentially money) for a class you didn’t show up for? Booking yourself into a class holds yourself accountable to exercise, you wouldn’t let a friend down so why should a class be any different. Knowing that you dedicated yourself into doing a class is a great reason to get up and moving.

How to workout when all you want to do is hibernate -

Look forward to a reward

Back to bed doesn’t count. Something that helps my motivation to workout can be as simple as knowing I get to wash my hair after the gym, have a hot shower or even treat myself to a coffee afterwards. It sounds petty but these little rewards really do help my mindset go from hibernation mode to ok let’s break a sweat. What’s not to like about a little treat to look forward to, try it.

Level up your activewear

Of course activewear was going to make it on the list. Without a doubt, having cute activewear to wear to the gym is the ultimate motivation for me. Pieces that are going to support me during my workouts is essential – a plus if they look good too! Have it ready the night before, packed in your bag or wear around your home to help get you in the mood to exercise.

Join a club

Finding an exercise that you enjoy is an advantage, especially if you belong to a club or part of a team. Just like attending a class, you’ll feel more obliged to show up if other people are holding you accountable. That way you can get a great workout in whilst feeling inspired and motivated by other members to the club.

Tap into a fitness app

Fitness apps are popping everywhere and there’s a reason for it, the convenience. Having workouts ready at the touch of your fingerprint sounds ideal right?! There are plenty of apps that offer workouts, even classes, for a variety of levels and environments. For instance, if you wanted to get a workout in the comfort of your own home, there are apps that cater to minimalistic equipment whereas others can be used on gym floors.

I get it, the idea of working out whilst it’s so dark and gloomy isn’t ideal but… it’s important to keep yourself active all year round, not just seasonal. Exercise is too good for your body to pass up during winter, I hope my tips help you to workout when all you want to do is hibernate.

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