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8 Simple Hacks To Keep You Motivated during Quarantine

Bored in the house bored

If you are like anybody else in the world right now, you are mostly likely…

1. Avoiding your friend’s nominations on Insta.
2. Getting dressed only for conference calls.
3. Judging anybody over the age of 16 doing TikTok videos (yet secretly saving own videos to drafts).
4. Or… putting together a plan to take Carol Baskin down.

Now, who said Quarantine wasn’t going to teach us anything?

Whilst we might be busy keeping ourselves entertained, there are going to be days where we aren’t going to feel as productive. I’m here for having chilled days and taking the time to unwind, however too much of this will only make me feel sluggish, lazy and unmotivated in the long run. It’s difficult to get that spark of productivity when your resources are limited, however I have put together a few tips I carry throughout the day that boost my motivation.

Here’s 8 simple hacks to keep you motivated during Quarantine.

1. Plan your day

Either the night before or as soon as you wake up, put pen to paper on what you want to achieve during the day. This doesn’t have to be hour by hour, just simply a small list of things you need to tick off. By doing this you are setting a positive outlook to your day and behaviour.

2. Eat or Drink something nutritious

If you can, coffee lovers bare with me, try and avoid making yourself a coffee first thing. Something I have been doing is opting for a hot water with lemon instead, it’s important to hydrate yourself after sleeping, and the lemon gives me that zing kick to get my day started. The same can be done with making a healthy breakfast, it’ll make you feel good and plant the positive intentions of the day ahead.

3. Maintain good hygiene

Just because you may not be seeing or interacting with anyone doesn’t mean you should let your hygiene slip. Wash as per normal, keep things smelling and looking clean, perhaps even put together a different outfit or style your hair.

4. Watch or listen to something inspiring

Whether it’s a podcast, interview or a quote you stumbled across, I am a big sucker for watching something inspiring to feel inspired. For example, when I see somebody push themselves during a workout on Instagram, that makes me want to do the workout. If I listen to a good podcast about getting the most out of my day, it makes me feel productive and organized to crack on.

5. Do a workout you actually enjoy

I feel like every day social media is telling me to try this try that, doesn’t matter how many alternatives you give me, I know for a fact I am not doing pilates every morning in my living room. I don’t enjoy pilates, even in quarantine. You have to find something that you actually enjoy, that way you are going to stick to it more than something that makes put your head in your hands.

6. Check in with a loved one

A phone call or a face time can go a long way. Make somebody’s day by checking in with them or reach out to someone you know who can help get you out of a funk. Either way, communicating with your loved ones can help get those endorphins going, especially if you are there for somebody who is feeling the same as you. We are all in this together.

7. Complete a task a home

There’s got to be something you have always put off because you haven’t had the time to get round to it. Rearranging your clothes? Tidying the drawers? Sound familiar? Get to it because now is your time and I’ll guarantee that you’ll feel good for doing it afterwards. An organized space boosts an organized mind.

8. Celebrate the small wins

Even if the little wins seem well… little, celebrating these can help to create positive habits. Even if it’s something as little as making your bed in the morning, the little achievements can spiral into greater actions and you’ll find yourself feeling more motivated to achieve more throughout the day.

I hope you liked my 8 simple hacks to keep motivated during quarantine. What are you doing to help boost your motivation? Comment below.

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