Activewear Haul: My spring buys from Tala and more - London Style Active

Activewear Haul: My spring buys from Tala and more

New activewear, new brands

This has been a long time coming. I’m usually pretty good with my activewear splurges, I know it’s hard to believe, but I actually don’t go crazy with my gym wardrobe. I save my activewear fund over time, that way I can invest in the different brands that I have always wanted to try. As you know, activewear for me is a massive part of motivation. If I feel good in what I am wearing, then I’m going to want to workout even more. That’s why it’s important for me to find brands that create designs that are no only stylish but comfortable too. From sustainable fabrics to bright colours, I have grouped together brands that I’ve always wanted to try so let’s get straight into this Activewear haul: my spring buys from Tala and more. Enjoy!


This is a brand that has been hot on my radar for a while. TALA exceeds in creating sustainable styles, from the fabric to manufacturing, TALA’s overall ethos is renowned for its conscious style and has quickly become widely renowned for its sustainability, diverse audience and flattering fits. I got the Sky Aster Crop and the Chia Zella Loose Tee.

Firstly, I don’t understand how a long sleeve crop top functions but… it kinda does. Will it be too hot to wear in the summer, cold in the winter? It’s a weird one but somehow it works and makes me feel chic and confident whilst working out. The colour is what caught my attention, a little darker in person, but on camera you can emphasise it’s baby blue tones. The fabric felt great on my skin and even though it seemed a little tough at first, I was surprised by how much movement it gave me. The Chia Zella Loose Tee is another hit that I’ll probably wear more as everyday wear than activewear. It’s designed in a flattering boxy fit that gives you the oversized feel, without looking like you are lost in it. I also love the subtle logos on each of the items, overall very chic.

Activewear Haul: My spring buys from Tala and more - London Style Active


I first came across Adanola about a year ago through Instagram, I’ve always admired their feminine designs and minimalistic style. Two sports bras stood out for me, the Cherry Strap Back sports bra and the Black Branded Open Back sports bra. Business at the front and party at the back, the bra’s back designs are super flattering. The elasticated straps provide added support and detailing, whilst the soft, structured fabric provides ultimate support for all shapes. 

Activewear Haul: My spring buys from Tala and more - London Style Active


Loungewear couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been a fan of Lilybod for a while and have worked with them on previous reviews, so I was really excited to see that they had created joggers and cute sweaters to match. Joggers over anything for me, I just can’t get enough of them. I got the Gia Joggers and the Black Suzy Sweater and honestly… this has been my working from home attire. Super comfy, soft to the touch and has the small details, like the sweater’s overlap, that adds subtle style points.

Activewear Haul: My spring buys from Tala and more - London Style Active


Finding workout shorts isn’t easy, well for me anyway. You name it, I have tried the Under Armour and Nike Pro shorts that you see everyone wearing, but nah uh, my butt is not stepping out the house with my cheeks eating the fabric. I was looking for an alternative that is you know… moderately acceptable to wear whilst working out in public. The Training Essential Shorts tick all the boxes for me. Perfect to lounge in around the house, as well as going for runs and skipping outdoors. They pass the test!

Activewear Haul: My spring buys from Tala and more - London Style Active

I hope you liked my activewear haul, if you did, be sure to check out my other ones here.

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