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Fabulous skin and beauty tricks lockdown taught me

Lockdown glow up in progress...

From dressing gown curls to DIY face masks, it’s clear to see that lockdown has allowed us to improvise our beauty regime. I don’t know about you but I was on my beauty A game at the beginning of lockdown; hair masks, hair cuts (came with regrets), homemade treatments, you name it! As lockdown progressed, I’ll admit, the enthusiasm took a trip downtown. However, I did notice a big difference from what I was doing, so I thought I’d share them on here.

Me and beauty guru? Absolutely not and you may have already heard of a few of these already, but I’ll always keep my content as real and relatable as possible, so hopefully there’s something for you to try.

Here’s my fabulous skin and beauty tricks lockdown taught me

60 second face wash rule

The 60 second rule comes from an amazing skin YouTuber called Nayamka Roberts-Smith, who encourages her followers to wash their face for 60 seconds straight to let the cleanser ingredients really penetrate the skin. It’s easy to think you have washed your face properly but how long do you actually spend washing it? The technique may sound obvious and basic, because it is, but believe me it’s game-changing. My face feels far more cleaner after washing it for 60 seconds. Set a timer, give it a go and notice a difference for yourself.

Hydrate your body post-workout

After a workout, I’ll hop into the shower, dry off then moisturise my body head to toe, I’ve been loving Pretty Athletic’s body gel moisturiser recently for a hydration boost. It’s easy to apply, no sticky mess, and leaves my skin feeling silky and dewy. It has a distinctive smell at first which took some getting used to but overall the gel is a hit for my skin. I’ve noticed a more radiant look to my skin, it’s certainly a refreshing way to hydrate, which is super important for your body – especially after exercise.

Hydration Kick Gel Body Moisturiser – £24.00

Smart skincare

A sonic powered mask with sonic pulsations, LED light therapy, onboard heating and plush microfiber masks, it doesn’t get any smarter than that! Foreo kindly sent me one of their smart skin devices to try and as much as I was excited to put it to the test, I was also very hesitant. How can a small device have all of these qualities? However, after using it for over 2 months now, so far very impressed and have noticed a positive difference to my skin. What I love is the LED light therapy, you simply sync your device to the Foreo app and select the mask you want to do (my favourite is the Rejuvenation Junkie) and the app will take you through a 90 second treatment. It’s relaxing and gives me that boujee spa at home feel. It is more expensive than your average sheet mask but taking into account all of the amazing features you get with it, you are creating a spa at the comfort of your own home.

UFO 2 – £249

Leave in hair conditioner

My hair has grown so much during lockdown and I’ve gotta put it down to using little to no heat and my new hair mask creation using Palmer’s coconut oil leave in conditioner and Redken’s one united all-in-one multi-benefit treatment. These two together, once a week and during unwashed days, give my hair the ultimate gloss and shine.

Palmers – £3.30 Redken – £15.60

I hope you enjoyed my beauty round up. Now that the salons and beauty parlours are open are you booked and busy or keeping up the DIY treatments at home?


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